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Including kids with less financial resources - Shared screen with speaker view
Roberto Gonzalez - Aventuras Forest School
I don't see the items you mentioned in the chat
Nicole Majewski
Courtney (she/her)
Hello all! So sorry I am late
Courtney (she/her)
Thank you for speaking to this Rob! Yes, this is why I am here too
Courtney (she/her)
Here is an example of a school that I DEEPLY admire, Berkeley Forest School, not just in their tuition structure but in all of the elements of their programming: “Our sliding-scale tuition policy is just one facet in our efforts to increase access to our programming for all. Families at Berkeley Forest School pay according to their means. Some families have a tuition rate of $100 or $500 per month while other families pay $1,800 or $2,000 per month.In addition to individual donations, fundraisers, and community partnerships, some Berkeley Forest School families also opt-in to pay more than the cost of their own child's tuition. This "overpayment" is added to our equity fund to support fellow Berkeley Forest School families. For example, a family might choose to pay $40, or $400 additionally per month on top of their tuition amount, with awareness and understanding that access to income is inequitable in our society.” http://www.berkeleyforestschool.org/tuition
Valeria Ortiz
thank you for sharing!!
Nicole Majewski
you can move on to someone else
Nicole Majewski
Nicole Majewski
i will share here
Nicole Majewski
we have firm boundaries around the subject Rob brought up. There is never an inclination that those that pay more have any sort of pull or control in any component of the school. They are doing it to “support their educational community”. It is NOT an economic investment or anything like that .and they are all on board for that type of interchange.
The Cedarsong Way
Nantucket’s Children’s Charity Classic, Nantucket Golf
Nicole Majewski
I would also like to add to this conversation that while some of us are working in private programs and charge big money (we are worth it!) , that is also OK. And maybe our work in getting children with less resources outdoors and involved in these types of experiences is doing SEPARATE outreach work, volunteering for orgs that are doing that, taking our outdoor programs to the public school once a month, pop-up plays in inner city neighborhoods. Stuff like that.
Nicole Majewski
Nicole Majewski
Maybe it already does . . . .😁. . . .
Mary (she/her)Journeys Out Yonder
Natural Start Alliance maybe?
Roberto Gonzalez - Aventuras Forest School
Nicole Majewski
my email is thelifeofastrongmama@gmail.com if anyone wants to be in touch.
Nicole Majewski
You can always reach us via Cedarsong.org as well
Courtney (she/her)
Yes Rob! We are cheering you on. Redistribute that wealth! and I am VERY interested in collaborating! We will be in touch <3 courtney.leake@gmail.com