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CIR: Rule of Law Panel #4 - Shared screen with speaker view
Sandy Campbell
Folks - a reminder to type in your questions right here! We’ll get to Q&A at around 11am.
Herb Thomas
In 1871 (?) Congress passed the Ku Klux Klan Act, which permitted martial law in Southern States and malefactors being tried for ordinary state charges in Federal courts. Then, as I understand it, the Posse Comitatus Act, repealed that and prohibited using the armed forces for law enforcement . . . more or less.
Rich Moriarty
In rare instances, the federal government has used armed forces for law enforcement purposes - nearly always at the request of local authorities and nearly always to enforce rights under the US Constitution. In Portland, protesters were exercising constitutional rights.
Herb Thomas
Internment was 1942 not ’41, right?
Rich Moriarty
Yes, misspoke. February 19. 1942 Executive Order.
Barbara Chatterjee
Re COVID-19, I have found interesting that the our vaunted capitalist businesses have failed to step to the plate of providing PPE etc on its own as a business opportunity. Does this show up cracks in the functioning of our "capitalist/entrepreneurial economic system?
Rich Moriarty
Checked on “confirmed cases” In different countries this morning. The 25%-4% disparity remains viable. Also, the US is the third highest in confirmed cases per 100K (Peru 1st, Brazil 2nd)
Barbara Chatterjee
From Barbara: Also discuss the "assault" on the US census by cutting back the field data collection time. From Barbara C
Chuck B
Are there any remedies to poor census results by the next administration if a new one is elected?
Herb Thomas
Re the slowness of the judicial process, Bravo, Chuck!
Rich Moriarty
Indeed, the SCt issued less signed opinions this Term than since 1862.
Sandy Campbell
Here is a link to more ROL resources
Sandy Campbell
Herb Thomas
The Census Bureau does a lot of work between the decennial censuses to refine their knowledge of the population, but like you said, who knows whether that could be used to modify a decennial result.