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FY2022 Budget Public Hearing - Shared screen with speaker view
Jen M
Hello, I have a question on the budget but not on the work session. Sorry if I should have spoken up.
Heather Cronk
the budget hearing will happen after the work session
Jen M
Ok thanks
Jessica Barnes, Director of Administrative Services
Good morning- The Work Session will be the first item of business then we will move to the Budget Public Hearing. There will be opportunities for additional public comments.
Corey Bettenhausen
Unfortunately, I have to leave by 11:00 am. If we don't get to the public comments regarding the police department budget by then, please see my emailed comments to all Councilmembers. I'm happy to discuss that in more detail if you'd like. Please contact me via email in that instance. Thank you!
Abby Kiesa
I also have to jump off in order to get my 2nd vaccine shot. I have emailed my question to my CM and to the Mayor.
Abby Kiesa
Thank you to the town staff for their work on all of this
Mayor Alan Thompson
Abby, I haven’t received your comments - did you just send them this morning?
Mayor Alan Thompson
Abby, I just got it. Never mind!
Dan Behrend
I would like to comment, whenever it is appropriate for members of the community to speak.
Heather Cronk, Ward 1
will do!
Heather Cronk, Ward 1
no problem
Jen Matis (she/her)
I also have a general budget question.
Marsha Dixon
Maura Collinger also had her hand raised
Maura Collinge (she/her)
Thank you Marsha! My question was addressed in the discussion already.
Maura Collinge (she/her)
I agree with CM Dixon's comment and question about strategic allocation of funding, in particular within the overall policing budget. Some of the suggestions others have raised regarding shifting certain responsibilities away from police to other service providers would seem to relieve the personnel burden on police also and allow for more funding in other areas of the community's needs.
CM Marsha Dixon, Ward 1
No question, but also support it going in asap
CM Marsha Dixon, Ward 1
Thanks, everyone!