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October 1 JRMS PTA Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Kelly LaValle
You guys are doing an amazing job! I'm a teacher also in another district.
When returning full time, if your child gets a cold and cannot attend in person learning, will they be able to participate in online learning for sick days?
Darrell Bradford
Question for Dr. Amori: How will things change next week when there are twice as many students in the bldg.? Lunch time & place? Social distancing? If a communication will be sent to parents, I am sure that many others are wondering about this.
How do you inform the school that your student is sick but working at home? Email to jrms notes? Or something else?
Darlene Wallin
Email to JRMS notes does work.
Jennifer Simpson
For Dr. Amori - is there any chance the kids will be able to use their lockers? Their backpacks are sooo heavy, and adding in musical instruments and (soon) coats, it’s a lot for them to manage.
Gosia Tedawes
Can the teacher guide the students as to what they need to bring to school everyday in terms of binders/supplies/folders. The backpacks are so heavy!
Darrell Bradford
For Jesse Shalett: as you & the Administration are looking at space available for larger classes, for socializing, and for lunch, please keep in mind the courtyard is a protected space that is under-utilized.
Kelly LaValle
Fairchild is in bridgeport