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Ability to Benefit 101: Federal Student Aid for Students Who Are Not High School Graduates - Shared screen with speaker view
Regina Suitt
Want to learn more about WA and WISC and how they got approved for the state option? Listen to their session today at 12:00 ET.
Regina Suitt
Sharon Bonney
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Regina Suitt
Want to learn more about WA and WISC and how they got approved for the state option? Listen to their session today at 12:00 ET.https://coabe.org/ability-to-benefit/
Julie Dincau
I have heard that some institutions will not pursue the ATB option because of the documentation required is time consuming.
Regina Suitt
The checklist that OCTAE put together is a great tool for documentation of a career pathway!
jana Jenkins
Will this recording and PPT be available later?
Julie Dincau
ATB gives adult learners access to federal aid, however, if a public community college chooses not to enroll learners who do not have a high school diploma or High School Equivalency the college has the right to set that requirement, correct?
Regina Suitt
Colleges should consider full access to their colleges for all students who are eligible to attend.
Regina Suitt
slides and recording will be available a few hours after the symposium today
Aaron Washington
For a student who qualifies to use one of the ATB alternatives through enrollment in an eligible program prior to July 1, 2012, you must document that the student successfully completed one of the approved ATB alternatives. Such documentation could include documentation from NSLDS that shows a student’s prior receipt of Title IV funds, or a transcript or other receipt that demonstrates enrollment in an eligible program.
Amanda Bergson-Shilcock she/her/ella
Great information, Judy, Erin, and Aaron! I'm highlighting key points on Twitter @AmandaWorking, hashtag #AtB
Judy Mortrude
Importantly - even if a state has a state defined process, an institution can continue to use the other ATB alternatives (test, credits).
Judy Mortrude
excellent! Let us know how we can help!
Judy Mortrude
@juliedincau - some states are using the 'equity' lever to encourage institutions to take on people without HSDs
Eva Scates-Winston
Hi Judy! Long time since we've connected while you were still at CLASP.
Julie Dincau
Thank you!
Jody Angelone
Thanks Erin, Judy and Aaron! This was great!