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Meeting of the International Learning Network - Shared screen with speaker view
Stacy Adams
Are you able to share that article?
Camille Facey
What I gather the banks will do is to look ESG factors whenever they are considering a credit facility.
Antonia Ferrier
Apologies if this was discussed, I missed a few moments today. Question for Aneal and Bob: What are you thoughts on the current lobby against ESG inclusion in US? I see an effort to pass legislation to penalize trading companies whose business model include ESG considerations, on the basis that it makes the company uncompetitive and it is unfair to shareholders.
Camille Facey
I think Aneal may be mis understanding the question.
Smartserv Ltd - Kristy Crouch
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Antonia Ferrier
Corrie, is correct, the initial target has been banks and asset manager, but the lobby is expanding and may have a trickle down effect of discouraging ESG expansion or express inclusion, if not properly reined it. Here's an example of this, https://capitalmonitor.ai/factor/environmental/investors-esg-political-backlash-us/
Camille Facey
That's such a wonderful story Prof Garrat.
Jason Farley
Fantastic presentation. Love it! 👍🏽