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Harrison Bay Staff Town Hall - Elementary - Shared screen with speaker view
Nakia Towns
Please use the chat box for questions. Thank you!
Nakia Towns
A couple of general updates - we are getting plexiglass installed at front offices in schools. That process has just started.
Nakia Towns
HCS at Home sign-up ends on July 22. It opens on tomorrow July 8. Schools will be able to see in real time who is signing up via Parent Portal.
Nakia Towns
Questions about PPE - we are literally stocking thousands of units for masks. And we will source a stockpile for grounds. However, our ability to purchase these items may be impacted by supply chain...
Nakia Towns
It is our goal to ensure we have replacement PPE in abundance. But, that will continue to depend on our availability to purchase from suppliers/vendors.
Nakia Towns
In terms of specific medial concerns, like pregnancy and other potentially high risk medical conditions, employees need to reach out to HR directly.
Jenny Pickard
Thank you all for joining! All feedback and questions have been recorded from the chat. If you have additional input you can share here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeAw2ERjX4i2fVfGugX1akeVZjmRkNS_ZAQcsGIeZOluh2NHQ/viewform
Nakia Towns
Central office staff is helping to support HCS at Home sign-up. In addition, all schools have been advised that they can bring back one classified support staff early - to start on Monday, July 20.
Nakia Towns
We will be using these Town Halls to create FAQ documents that will post no later than next week once we have a chance to compile and respond in writing.
Nakia Towns
And we will incorporate emailed questions in the FAQ.
Nakia Towns
Amen, Dr. Reynolds! Take care of yourselves and your family!