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MFMA 2021 Annual Conference - Shared screen with gallery view
KKathy Zeman, she/her, MFMA
AT this point in reflecting on the market metrics for 2020 & 2021 - how would you prioritize the top 3 takeaways for news releases? For the purpose to raise awareness of FMs with a) shoppers b) decision makers?
Karen Wingard- City of Elk River Farmers Market
The plan to have a trained regional person come to markets to do the surveys would be a great plan versus the market manager. It was challenging to do the visitor counts and gather information for the customer survey. I think when we had a "special guest" at the market collecting the data it naturally made customers more interested
Yes, the similarities are really interesting.
Thank you for that feedback Karen!
Katie Drewitz
you would want to pencil out hotel cost vs. mileage and at what point a hotel makes more sense. It is likely further than one would think.