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ESEA Office Hours - Shared screen with speaker view
Mindy Oliphant
Can you please tell us if we need to consult with NPS for the CRF funds?
Kate Bartlett
HI Mindy, Jennifer will address this on the next slide. Thank you!
How should we code the distribution of the CRF funds to our Charter School?
Adam Williams
It will be flow through coding
Adam Williams
One second
Adam Williams
Districts will record the CRF Revenue as Source 4000, Grant 4012
Adam Williams
Districts send a portion of CRF to a Charter:
Adam Williams
Object Code 0529, Grant 4012
Cathy Watts
How do we handle annual license expenditures under CRF? Are we allowed to charge the full annual fee to CRF or only half because it only goes thru December 30th?
Adam Williams
Charter Records the CRF flow through as Source 4951, Grant 4012 Charter expends CRF per allowable use of funds, tagging those expenditure accounts with Grant 4012
Adam Williams
Apologies: When a district sends (flows) CRF to a Charter, district used Object 0592, Grant 4012
Christine Muldoon
Clarification…If schools cut positions due to COVID, can they use CRF funds to bring back those positions (mostly teacher positions) moving forward?
Meghan D
@Adam wouldn't the 0594 be the Object for Districts to Charters?
Adam Williams
Correct - 0594
Eddie Storz
Has there been consideration of using CRF for expanded transportation costs related to COVID such as additional bus drivers or buses?
Laura Gorman
Will the doc for CRF talk about staff time in terms of 'unique use of staff time back to start of COVID, e.g. nurses were doing things related directly to COVID & not normal nursing functions, could we recoup a portion of their time spent on COVID related directly to CRF -- even back to March. Also a lot of costs in staff related to getting kids back to school & the formulation of those plans, can staff time be recaptured for that. Kind of sounds like Kate was talking about
Christine Muldoon
Thank you! That makes sense. So even if we did not bring back positions, we just need to show we are providing more instruction time.
Bonnie Aaron
Purchase more buses?
Nathan Markham
If we have to furlough instructional days, can we add those days back (increase instructional time) by using CRF to “refund” the furloughed days?
Jeremiah Johnson
So just to confirm, the guidance will be provided tomorrow for CRF and ESSER? Where should we go to find this information? Is it ok to ask specific questions at this time?
Patricia Reitwiesner
So the base comparison for increasing instructional hours is March - June actual online instructional hours?
Melissa Brunner
can you please stop sharing the screen so that we can increase our volume?
Laura Gorman
Why not buses - so how will we socially distance students especially SpED -- where is that $ supposed to come from?
jennifer austin
Software licenses are allowable only to the extent of the period of funding. If subscription extends beyond the award period for ESSERF 6/30/21 for example, the difference would be expensed to general funds for periods beyond 6/30/21.
Bonnie Aaron
No bus purchases with CFR and ESSER?
Michael Clark
We hired an extra custodial position to take on extra and enhanced cleaning procedures. This was not originally in our 20-21 budget, but has been put in to 20-21 budget. What documentation do I need to show it was not originally in the budget?
bill naccarato
I know I am late, sorry if this was already discussed. For next year will I be able to use the CRF for 25 of the salary next year for at least 50% increase of instructional time. If so should I have my business manager use this salary for teachers for Sept, Oct and Nov?
Jeremiah Johnson
Follow-up to nursing and custodian, for the fall and winter from CRF, if their roles changed substantially would it be allowable?
Laura Gorman
Wow - that's takes out everyone for CRF going back & only forward
Mary Vigil
We already have the CRF funds. Will we be required to complete some sort of budget on how we plan to use the funds, for approval?
Janice Martin
Teachers and paras were also contracted full time during March just like the nurses so we cannot use the fact that they were working less and more now in the fall and apply their time to CRF correct?
Robert Framel
reasking Bill's question: For next year will I be able to use the CRF for 25 of the salary next year for at least 50% increase of instructional time. If so should I have my business manager use this salary for teachers for Sept, Oct and Nov?
Robert Framel
thanks, you are covering it now
Laura Gorman
If we had teachers that had to do PD days to learn how to do online teaching at the start of COVID we can't recapture their time for those PD days either?
Robert Framel
is this being recorded so I can have my business manager watch it later?
Adam Williams
Yes, it is being recorded
Kera Badalamenti
US Dept of Treasury guidance indicates that funds can be used for a substantially different use. Since we know that teachers spent a significant amount of their time developing remote learning versus actual instruction of delivery, it seems that we should be able to allocate that substantially different use to the funds in FY20.
Kera Badalamenti
sorry, delivery of instruction not instruction of delivery
Eddie Storz
What about admin staff in March or April who were repurposed to planning for Covid closures/opening/remote learning? This is not what they were budgeted to do. Is that substantially different?
Patricia Reitwiesner
-Per Federal CRF FAQs- May 28, 2020, p. 1 -- The Guidance says a cost was not accounted for in the most recently approved budget if the cost is for a substantially different use from any expected use of funds in such a line item, allotment, or allocation. Therefore, what would qualify as a “substantially different use” for purposes of the Fund eligibility? -- Answer is: Costs incurred for a “substantially different use” include, but are not necessarily limited to, costs of personnel and services that were budgeted for in the most recently approved budget but which, due entirely to the COVID-19 public health emergency, have been diverted to substantially different functions. This would include, for example, …. the costs of diverting educational support staff or faculty to develop online learning capabilities, such as through providing information technology support that is not part of the staff or faculty’s ordinary responsibilities. My question -- is this therefore allowable for spring 2020 salaries?
Kera Badalamenti
can you point us to where the 51% or more comes into play for substantially different use?
bill naccarato
I should do this for 7/1 - 12/30 instead of September as that is the first pay for certified staff. Is it the 25% of salary or is it 50% of the salary?
Jeremiah Johnson
Thank you for your support on all of these! Can you use CRF funds for capital purchases related to improvements, upgrades, or expansion of school nursing stations, dividers, barriers, and/or ventilation to mitigate or respond to COVID-19 needs.
Elizabeth Duncan
Are overtime expenses/hazard pay allowable?
Laura Gorman
So we have adopted budgets for 20-21 coming very soon - like days -- so how does that timing work on the positions and the % of time of people. E.g. nurses would be in our adopted budget that goes to the board on Tuesday -- we aren't taking them out, but we know they will spend significant COVID time in the fall and would want to put some of that time to CRF -- will this then be disallowed if they are in our board approved budget?
Linda Weyers
If we have staff who are doing additional hours to plan and prepare for remote learning can we pay a stipend for those additional hours?
Robert Framel
can CRF funds cover "sick days" for people that were out due to having COVID or had to quarantine due to COVID?
Kera Badalamenti
wouldn't anyone doing something substantially different inherently already have been in the budget?
Patricia Reitwiesner
Kera Badalamenti
thank you.
Karla Heredia
Subscriptions are were not on this year's budget are allowed, right? Are several year subscriptions allowed?
Laura Gorman
Tank you
Laura Gorman
It was in the notice of award for sick days
jennifer austin
Fringe should be prorportionaly expensed to where the labor costs were originally expensed
jennifer austin
sick days are considered fringe
jennifer austin
fringe follows the salary...
Bonnie Aaron
Sick days covered with Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)
Steven Kaleda
@ Karla - Software licenses are allowable only to the extent of the period of funding. So for the purposes of CRF, it wouldn't extend pass 12/30/2020
Erica Mason
Can CRF funds cover "sick days" for people that might be out due to having COVID or quarantine due to COVID in 20-21 in leu of using their sick days accrued?
Erica Mason
Above and beyond the FFCRA
Greg Fieth
What is the district's requirement for oversight on charters flowthrough of CRF funds? Are they considered a sub grantee?
bill naccarato
can you clarify the salary for CRF of 50% or 25%
Michael Clark
For salaries and benefits for increased instructional time, can we pay for July and August. I thought you said six months.
Eddie Storz
Sorry if I missed this already, is hazard pay(not budgeted) allowable in CRF?
jennifer austin
Hazard pay is allowable in ESSERF and CRF as long as it is related to closures, disruptions, continuity of services., etc.
Meghan D
Was it mentioned when the guidance might be coming out?
Jennifer Okes
We are hoping to get approval to publish/distribute the guidance by the end of the week
Patricia Reitwiesner
A clarification on the increased instructional hours topic -- If paid 100% of instructional salaries March - June but estimated instructional time is less than normal due to COVID and now we can increase to our normal schedule but the overall # of instructional staff / salaries doesn't change -- can we use as the base the est. # of instructional time in spring or in truth are we not increasing for the purposes of CRF
Meghan D
@ Jennifer, thanks!
Jennifer Okes
The performance measure is increasing instructional time.
Christine Muldoon
Could we have answers around “substantially different” based on roles as examples for sy 20-21. In other words, would teachers work moving from face-to-face to online be allowable? Other staff roles as well. Specific examples would be good.
Patricia Reitwiesner
Okay time not expenditures. Thanks!
Jennifer Okes
Right Patricia!
Janice Martin
if our transportation staff were not working but we continued to pay them in the Spring can we use 100% of their pay for 6 months or 50% of their total pay for next fiscal year? same with nursing?
Christine Muldoon
Sorry I meant for this year
Christine Muldoon
March through June
Kate Bartlett
Janice, for the spring were there salaries in the budget as of March 27?
Kate Bartlett
Sorry their
Janice Martin
Greg Fieth
Thanks All! Jennifer, I hope you had a great day off today! :)
Karen Rodberg
Would you repeat your response for the multi-year license purchase question? Did you say that licenses can only be purchased up until December 31, 2020?
Nancy Westfall
Thank you!
Danielle Van Esselstine
Thank you for your time today.
Jeremiah Johnson
thank you for everything.
Karen Rodberg
Thanks, DeLilah.
Jennifer Okes
CRF expenditures must be by Dec 30 and only for the accrued cost up until Dec 30
Kate Bartlett
So Janice for spring 202 that would likely not be allowable under CRF because the expenses were budgeted.
Kate Bartlett
Happy to follow up via email too!
Karen Rodberg
Got it. Thanks.
Janice Martin
I will email you Kate. thanks
Cathy Watts
can the remainder be charged to ESSER?
Patricia Reitwiesner
Thank you CDE staffers all for your time!
Kate Bartlett
Thank you school and district folks for all of your hard work and managing all of these challenges so gracefully!
Meghan D
So we are responsible for making sure Charers follow the rules?
jennifer austin
I have to jump off to another call.