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NC Budget Advocates Town Hall on DONE FY 2022-23 Budget Proposal - Shared screen with speaker view
Anna Measles
I have no audio.
Anna Measles
I have no audio.
Armando Ruiz
I will be running the slideshow, may I please have access to share my screen?
John Darnell
Good morning. Try clicking English on the globe that says Interpretation.
Anna Measles
Still not working.
John Darnell
Try clicking original audio instead.
Anna Measles
Just came on, Thanks
John Darnell
John Darnell
Please let me know if you need anything else.
Jennifer Goodie
We are not taking hands at this time, if you need to communicate with the hosts please use the chat feature. Any question about the presentation should be entered into the Q&A panel.
John Darnell
Anna Measles can hear now.
Reeyan Raynes
John Darnell
Hey Reeyan!
John Darnell
I went to Cleveland HS with your son Jeff. We played baseball together 🙂
Brad Kane
How will the NEAs inability/refusal to timely respond to board members email/calls be rectified by this budget?
Glenn Bailey
Ask questions in the Q&A, thanks.
John Darnell
Tony Wilkinson
This is not making sense there were 86,000 survey responses, the statement that "YOU told us" makes no sense. Whatever results are being reported (for example, that the Department did well) are clearly coming from a group of people that vastly exceeds the number who are very aware of the NC system. 86,000 is not a reasonable report of the survey participation. Would like to SEE THE DATA that was collected with public funds.
Jennifer Goodie
Please use the Q&A feature to submit questions. If you are having technical issues please use the chat feature to alert the hosts to technical issues.
Glenn Bailey
Many of you submitted questions when you registered and those have been provided to DONE to be answered during the presentation. If this presentation generates additional questions, please ask them in Q&A rather than in Chat. If we don't have time to answer all questions this morning, DONE has committed answer them soon and we forward the answers to all attendees. Thank you.
Glenn Bailey
As announced, any questions need to be asked using the Q&A function. Thanks.
Jamie York
In the newly released supplemental information for the Feb 2 BONC meeting, there are again more errors and omissions with these community partners. For instance, reflections inc stated that they would post to twitter Facebook and Instagram. They have never even posted to Instagram or twitter and they have not posted on Facebook since 2018.
Andrew Lewis
Strong agree
Tony Wilkinson
You have disabled the ability to copy or save text from the chat, so I cannot copy and paste my long question into QA. I'll just chalk this up to another failure to facilitate public input to what the Department has always decided to do. The limits on the meeting chat are "in style" with what we have come to expect from this DONE.
Jennifer Goodie
Hi Tony, Glenn and I are running this, not the department. We are trying are hardest.
Glenn Bailey
Hi Tony, We did not change any settings to disable saving Chat....
Jack Humphreville
What is DONE's reaction to the Reseda CIS?
Glenn Bailey
Reminder to NOT use Chat for questions -- please ONLY use the Q&A feature. The Chat is for any technical assistance. Thank you.
Sharon Brewer
Where is the chart on the empowerla.org webpage that was just shared by GM?
Jennifer Goodie
I am looking for the link and will send it to you. I have it, but cannot find it at the moment.
Glenn Bailey
All questions in Q&A will be answered by DONE and we will distribute the answers to all attendees and post to the NC Budget Advocates website: www.BudgetAdvocates.org
Raquel Beltran (she/her) GM EmpowerLA
https://app.powerbigov.us/view?r=eyJrIjoiMTAxMzNkNTMtZDY0MC00NGI1LWJhMWQtMjhhMWQ5NGIwOTcwIiwidCI6ImVmNzM5MTQ4LWQ1YWEtNGVkYS1hNzk1LTQ4ZTY0NTgyM2Y2MyJ9 - here is a link to the election comparison tool
Glenn Bailey
The slide deck presented during this morning's Town Hall will posted on the NC Budget Advocates website: www.BudgetAdvocates.org after we receive it. Thanks.
Glenn Bailey
Thanks to BONC Commissioner Len Shaffer for his attendance at today's Town Hall!
Jennifer Goodie
This is the dashboard that was displayed earlier https://app.powerbigov.us/view?r=eyJrIjoiMTAxMzNkNTMtZDY0MC00NGI1LWJhMWQtMjhhMWQ5NGIwOTcwIiwidCI6ImVmNzM5MTQ4LWQ1YWEtNGVkYS1hNzk1LTQ4ZTY0NTgyM2Y2MyJ9
Glenn Bailey
Speaking of which, the next Board of Neighborhood Commissioners meeting during which this Budget will be presented will be held Tuesday, February 1 beginning at 6:00 p.m. via Zoom
Tony Wilkinson
It would help if we send the whole AQ to DONE and ask that they report back to Budget Advocates with the results. The input from Brian attempting to read them is not going well, or at least to the eztext that we need within time.
Tony Wilkinson
Brian should just read the damn text!
Tony Wilkinson
My Q in the QA regarding reports to BONC and BONC's non-oversight role is relevant to GM's claim that her report is all that you nee to know.
Tony Wilkinson
Would appreciate it if my Q in my registration this morning about an NC advisory body on the USE of any received outreach funds could be included in the submitted comments that you send to DONE for later, off-line response to the Budget Advocates.
Jennifer Goodie
I have a giant spreadsheet of all questions and that will be sent, but we will keep it anonymous
Glenn Bailey
All questions in Q&A will be forwarded to DONE to for answers.
Tony Wilkinson
So then I presume you are THROWING AWAY all of the questions that you requested in the REGISTRATION FORM. You guys may be catching the DOBE disease from the lack of vaccinations and masks.
Tony Wilkinson
DONE disease
Glenn Bailey
No, the budget related questions submitted timely were already forwarded to DONE
Glenn Bailey
And all others will be forwarded after the conclusion of this Town Hall.
Tony Wilkinson
Providing that link to your meeting participants would be even better. However, if you past it into chat, you have disabled the ability to SAVE that chat.
Laura Meyers UNNC
Not sure if Zoom automatically saves Q/A, so I wanted to put the CIS tracking system question here in the chat (we use it as well): Why does DONE want to spend 20k on an improved tracking system for CIS when one already exists free to use. Why not contact the maker of that tool and ask to license it? I’ve used it continuously over the last year. http://kegel.com/los-angeles/cis/report-cis.html