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Zainab Baloch
go Greear!!!!
NC G.S. 132-1.7, Sensitive Public Security Information basically contains "specific details of public security plans and arrangements or detailed plans and drawings..." So it is understandable that not be disclosed. But why is it that it seems the city is dancing around disclosing the parts of the policy is permitted to be disclosed to the public?
Greear Webb (he/him)
Did we not already submit specific questions to the City and Department?
Zainab Baloch
can a memo be submitted to request that info?
Zainab Baloch
“The records of people working for public agencies in North Carolina are largely shielded from public view except for routine information: The name, age and date of employment for people working for taxpayer-funded agencies are considered public, as are current position, compensation and dates of salary increases. The reasons for dismissals and demotions are public record. In North Carolina, letters of resignation are not public records, but in some cases, the agency can release the record if the integrity of the department is at stake. Employees can also release the letter on their own. Officials often say records of employee conduct fall under the state’s broad shield against releasing personnel records, Tadych said. A little-used provision allows agencies to release records if officials feel it is in the public interest to do so. “They can release this information when the integrity of the department is called into question,” Tadych said. The process can involve writing a memo to explain why the record
Johnnie Thomas
can I ask why don't we apply for the permission to see policy that has protections, and move the request for the policy to a court that can weigh in
Johnnie Thomas
I feel that members are feeling that the reason they can not see a policy is because there is a loop hole for RPD if someone was to die from a use of force like gas or psychical restraints.
Deonte Thomas
One of the concerns we have discussed at last meeting is not requesting a policy that already exists...but we can’t know what exists until we are aware of the policy.
Greear Webb (he/him)
We have public comments as well
Dawn Blagrove
yes! the court does have the authority to grant access.