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Geoconservation in Scotland: Online Training Course - Shared screen with speaker view
Ken Addison
Referring to the importance of designating soils sites, there was a time when consideration was given to RIGS meaning Regional Important Geological, Geomorphoo
Ken Addison
...Geomorphological and Soils Sites making full use of the 'S' !
Lesley Dunlop
Thanks Ken - agreed. John Conway did some good work on Anglesey highlighting soils - there is a book available on that
Ken Addison
...David Jenkins, Prof of Soil Science at Bangor University, led on soils in Wales and was John Conway's inspiration...
Lesley Dunlop
NIce to see that one Alison - I have been there several times but always in late Spring/Summer!
Ken Addison
Inter alia, aesthetic value includes Landscape, Scenery and Scenic Value and also art - many rock exposures in 'picturesque art' are less visible today because of subsequent vegetation growth, development etc. - and can be incorporated in site leaflets, info-boards etc.
Robert Wills
Scottish Planning Policy criteria for geodiversity sites adds in cultural value and promotion of public awareness and enjoyment
Lesley Dunlop
Good point about linking sites. There are several sites on the disused Banbury to Chipping Norton railway that can be used to tell a story which individually are interesting but as a whole tell a much broader story and also link to old ironstone working (and a brewery!)
Chris Alcorn
Scottish Government are in the process of reviewing the SPP and incorporating it into the new National Planning Framework 4 that is due to be released in Autumn 2021 - hopefully refs to geodiversity sites still make the cut in the new version of the SPP
Lesley Dunlop
Hopefully, Chris - is there a place for consultation with the Trust etc?
Tom Challands
Habbie's Howe is right on the boundary between Scottish Borders and Midlothian. Should it be included in the Midlothian geodiversity audit too or should duplication be avoided?
Chris Alcorn
Scot Govt will release NPF4 as a draft for consultation so just need to watch out for it in Autumn 2021 and then good if Geological Trusts / interested organisations make their representations. After assessment of comments it will go back before Holyrood in summer 2022
Tom Challands
Great work Alison!
Robert Wills
what was the reason why only 1/3 of the original identified sites were recommended for designation - duplicate sites or quality?
Tom Challands
Alison, where you using QGIS?
D J Graham
Thanks Angus & others for a great trio of events.