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Canada’s Privacy Legislation and Its Impact on Digital Advertising - Shared screen with speaker view
Jill Briggs - IAB Canada
Please put all questions into the Q&A
IAB Canada - Sonia C
Yes - the CBA Coalition for better ads has updated it in terms of ad standards
IAB Canada - Sonia C
Yes - the CBA Coalition for Better ads has updated it in terms of ad standards
Alex Cone
Several of us have used the acronym “CMP.” For those who aren’t aware, that stands for “Consent Management Platform.”
Liza Kazyuk
Thank you!
Lisa Martins
Perfect - thank you!
Sorry - TCF stands for Transparency and Consent Framework
Grace Ganan
Thank you.
Alex Cone
A little history on Europe’s “TCF” (Transparency & Consent Framework) and its more granular description of data uses (aka “purposes”): while the GDPR certainly seeks clear and appropriately granular descriptions of data uses, there was no magic number of purposes the regulation required. The number of purposes defined by Europe’s TCF, and now the work IAB Canada is doing on bringing to market a TCF tailored to Canadian needs, reflects consensus of 100s of global companies coming together on the clearest possible descriptions of common data uses in our ecosystem. It also reflects something I was hinting at when talking about the concept of a Global Vendor List. When a site or app seeking to serve ads can preselect only the vendors they work with and the uses they want to allow then it can communicate that through these transparency and control or “privacy signals” we’ve been talking about.