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Evicted Affordable Housing Symposium Day 1 - Shared screen with speaker view
Cheryl Morgan
what were the parking requirements for the Hunter’s View project and how was it integrated?
Bruce Lanier
Amanda, now that you have first-hand experience in working on both market and affordable product in the southeast, can you comment on the similarities/differences in the housing product that you see delivered here compared to what you have seen delivered in SF?
Eddie Griffith
How do you plan for future flexibility and adaptability of unit types and community amenities so that as housing expectations emerge they can be accommodated?
Cheryl Morgan
did the mathun plan say that there should be multiple architects or was that part of the housing authority RFP
Bruce Lanier
You mentioned developers bringing wrap around services has benefitted some of the more successful projects. Can you give us some examples of how that has looked on a few different projects?
Cheryl Morgan
Have you worked on affordable housing projects that were not initiated by housing authorities, with say non-profits or even traditional developers?
Connor Stein
I've recently returned to Birmingham after attending grad school in the PNW, and I've been unpleasantly reminded that Birmingham is a very car-centric place. I also haven't seen too much discussion around climate change/sustainability in terms of urban development here. Higher density housing is great 'low-tech' strategy in terms of sustainability, but these project types still need/choose to provide a ton of parking. What comes first? Higher density housing that leads to more transit demand, or vice-versa? How should we be advocating for both of these things as architects?
Bruce Lanier
Steve Trueb
Thank you all. Very well done!