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RenewalWorks: Connect - Shared screen with speaker view
Samantha Franklin
can you resend the prayer?
Martha Gardner
Heard a nice shout out for Renewal works during the opening montage at CEEP. St. Andrew's Kansas City MO I believe!
Martha Gardner
I love that after a successful Triduum, you THEN went to ask for the $$ to raise the money for technology. People saw the possibilities. At least that's how I heard what you had to say.
Martha Gardner
This is very helpful. This is what I was trying to ask before about what your particular charism is - I was just thinking how you distinguish yourself from other congregations in Seattle and what distinguishes you - but now I realize one has to distinguish yourself from congregations all over the world.
Martha Gardner
Thank you Doyt! I love what you are doing - will definitely check out Epiphany Seattle on-line. Need to leave for another meeting - take care all
Florence Ellen Cowden
Thank you very much Doyt - I thoroughly enjoyed the time. Have to go, bless you all.
Lisa Parker
gotta scoot... see you all next month. Thank you
Ryan Fleenor
Thanks, Doyt!
Jamie Martin Currie
Thank you!
Claire Doerschuk
Rev. Conn, Thank you very much! Very helpful and a different way of thinking than we have had. Claire