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Trope Trainer Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Barry Mael (he/him) USCJ
please ask all questions and provide comments in the chat. We ask that everyone stay on mute. We will share the questions with the Hazzan
Mike Weis
Tell everyone why we didn't start with voicing.
Mike Weis
OK, I will. :) It was because our professional user base that we surveyed of cantors, rabbis and tutors didn't identify the voicing function as one that they required as a primary feature. We knew it had to come later, but we recommended not attempting to launch with it because it would have delayed launch to the users who needed it most.
Mike Weis
Individual subscriptions: CA5782
Mike Weis
Organizational subscriptions CA5782 PO
Mike Weis
Sorry 5782P
Mike Weis
CA 5782P
Jo-Anne Tucker-Zemlak
Please note this will also go out tomorrow with the powerpoint to all of you
Daniel Petcher (he/him)
Is color-coding vital to the learning method or just a helpful supplement? A relatively large percentage of Ashkenazi males are color-blind.
Mike Weis
The whiteboard notes will also print in color. Amazing feature.
Mike Weis
Excellent for giving students notes from your sessions or checking their work between lessons.
Isabel Schechter (she/her)
Can you record the system's chanting instead of your own?
Rachel Dunaief
Changing the name of the bookmark doesn’t change the title in the document
Isabel Schechter (she/her)
Great. Thanks!
Laura Cohen
What do you mean by tutoring?
Nechama Levy
The “voicing” feature is (at least for me, a non tutor) the most important feature, and also the most technically challenging. Without it, this Trope Trainer is a digital tikkun + luach, which I don’t need. When for real is the voicing feature going to be added?
Frank Jacobson
An individual can work with unlimited students? The student won't have access?
Nechama Levy
As a follow up, it seems you’re encouraging people to subscribe now if they want the voicing feature, with the knowledge that pricing will go up after this feature is added. This seems a bit sketchy. Is there some sort of option for a refund if the voicing feature is not added, or isn’t added within a certain amount of time?
Rachel Dunaief
I love the software! I’ve been using it for several months and today I learned about a few additional features I hadn’t tried before. Thank you!
Mike Weis
To contact the Cantors Assembly with any questions, you can reach me directly at support@cantors.org.
Mike Weis
The discount codes again are:
Mike Weis
Individual CA5782
Mike Weis
Organizational CA5782P
Nechama Levy
More follow ups about features that depend on the voicing feature: will there be adjustable key? How about adjustable key within the settings page?
Nechama Levy
The old Trope Trainer had very nice tutorials for Torah/Haftarah/Megillas — lately this was the most useful feature for me. Will this feature be re-added after the voicing feature is added?
Jennifer Beard
Does that mean that if you subscribe now at the monthly or yearly rate, the price will never go up as the subscription renews?
Rachel Dunaief
In the old trope trainer, occasionally I would show the music (musical notes) to help students who played musical instruments. Is this a feature that is being planned?
Isabel Schechter (she/her)
I'm really excited about the new features I learned about today. Thanks!