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EACA Session: Diversity and Inclusion – challenge or opportunity for the ad industry? - Shared screen with speaker view
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Charley Stoney
Here is all the info on the IAPI initiatives in the Irish market.
Charley Stoney
1. We just ran an anti-racism event to educate our workforce on the backdrop to racism in Ireland. https://vimeo.com/user6829563. Really powerful. The purpose of it was to get better and more positive representation of ethnic minorities within our industry and in front of the camera in advertising. This followed a really good Cannes Young Lions campaign we produced earlier in the year.https://www.adworld.ie/2020/01/17/cannes-young-lions-winners-make-cinema-debut/2. We also set up an annual female leadership busary, sponsored by Diageo this year called “IAPI Female Futures Fund”. https://iapi.ie/blog/default/future-females-fund-application-form-and-process
Charley Stoney
3. For the second year running, IAPI have put together a virtual team from 16 different agencies to help with the LBGTI+ charity, BeLonG To. They are focused on getting school kids aged 13-18 to accept their LBGTI+ peers to combat the bullying and torment teenagers suffer. https://iapi.ie/blog/default/iapis-lbgti-projects-achieves-outstanding-results4. We launched Grey Lions last year to combat ageism in the industry. https://iapi.ie/blog/default/cannes-grey-lions-winner5. We are working with Open Doors, a not-for-profit set up to help disadvantaged young people to get into the workforce. It’s a mini-apprenticeship programme kicking off in Jan. (Supposed to start this Sept but the pandemic pushed this out.) https://iapi.ie/blog/default/iapi-open-doors-initiative-launch
Richard Robinson
Here is #AdlandCommits. You can take the survey yourself. https://www.creativeequals.org/
Richard Robinson
Find our more about the Dutch ad industry diversity fund and programme here https://wfanet.org/knowledge/item/2020/07/22/Dutch-ad-industry-launches-diversity-fund-and-programme
Richard Robinson
Find out more about the IPA's D&I strategies and links to where you can find resources....https://ipa.co.uk/initiatives/diversity
Richard Robinson
McKinsey's work is here. It is excellent. https://www.mckinsey.com/featured-insights/diversity-and-inclusion/diversity-wins-how-inclusion-matters
Talmon Kochheim
This is a better link to the Dutch Marketing Diversity Fund https://dutchmarketingdiversity.nl/program
Paul Springer
what are the best examples you've seen so far, that have been practiced to attract more diverse talent into the industry?
Talmon Kochheim
Dutch Research on Representation and Stereotyping in Advertising (sorry in Dutch…) https://www.vea.nl/app/uploads/2020/10/Representatie-Nederlanders-in-TV-reclames_VEA_juni-2020.pdf
Richard Robinson
Even better that it's in Dutch :)
Richard Robinson
Please feel free to add your questions here to ask the Panel
Ali, could you say a few words on the situation across Europe as it seems there are differences when it comes to D&I in the South/North/East/West.
Richard Robinson
Here is Creative Pioneers > https://www.creativepioneers.co.uk/
Micky Denehy
Thanks to the panel for the stories and insights - as Leila says we all need to learn early in life to embrace our own values before we reach out to others
Johan Vandepoel
Great panel and perfect moderator indeed; lots of insights and links to interesting content on the matter! Thanks!!
Talmon Kochheim
Thanks, great session!
Micky Denehy
Clap clap clap from Micky
Charley Stoney
Brilliant moderation Richard, thanks so much!!!
Richard Robinson
Huge thank you to everyone who attended this morning.
Micky Denehy
Paul - you are so right about the need to identify role models in every market