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OCC-SCALE AI | AI in Action: Real Applications for your Business - Shared screen with speaker view
Isabelle Turcotte
Thank you so much Rocco for this inspiring opening words.
Denis Faubert
Could you clarify what you mean by prescriptive maintenance
Denis Faubert
Prescriptive maintenance is the asset maintenance strategy that uses machine learning to adjust operating conditions for desired outcomes, as well as intelligently schedule and plan asset maintenance.
Vikas Karulkar
Sandeep, when you say future will be connected trucks, how do you see an impact of cyber crime?
Isabelle Turcotte
These last 2 panels have been very insightful. Thank you to all panelists. Let’s now talk about Health and Life Science use of AI!
Vikas Karulkar
At Valenta BPO, we have been working in digital transformation area through RPA & Ai and found many of the healthcare providers (not hospitals) or pharmacies dealing with mass, are afraid of Regulations & privacy issues in the province, how do you deal with those reasons?
Oshoma Momoh
Folks if you have questions for Raghavender (Nuport), Sheamus (Sedna Tech) or me, just pop them in the Q&A or Chat and we’ll do our best to answer here if we have time today, or follow up later on.