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ESEA Office Hours - Shared screen with speaker view
Adam Williams
Not seeing anything in chat yet
Jeremiah Johnson
is there guidance on what methodology to use to calculate or define instructional hours?
Jeremiah Johnson
Sorry too soon. didn't see this part
Kara Drake
Can we charge expenses for all types of teachers (ii.e. nterventionist, SPED, etc?)
Adam Williams
As long as what is being charged to all types of teachers is/can be linked to COVID19 response.
Tod Lokey
Is there also bounds by total time? That is, we were in reduced learning time for 44 days. Should we look at total hours as a factor too?
Tod Lokey
There will be 90 days in fall2020
Alicia Hancock
Could this negatively affect MOE for IDEA?
Tod Lokey
yes. Somewhat. I am concerned about spending more on instructional hours than we actually were shorted.
Meghan D
I'm concerned over MOE as well
Adam Williams
we will try to address MOE in Q&A at the end of this
Jeremiah Johnson
Just to confirm understanding... if the % different is for example 60%, then you can only charge that 60% of the FTE to CRF. This is in contrast to if >51% charging100% of the FTE to CRF.
Galaxy S10+
Jennifer Austin here, not having good luck with Zoom, keeps crashing, however, I have also called in, on 3039013778 if you need me.
Meghan D
If our maintenance staff is doing their normal job, 40 hrs a week. But we have a need for sneeze guards to be built, but due to being short staffed we would like to pay these employees extra duty for working on 1 or 2 saturdays to complete the sneeze guards. Can those specific hours only, be charge to CRF since those hours have a specific COVID purpose?
Galaxy S10+
Patricia Reitwiesner
If we pay a staff member a stipend (exempt) for spring, COVID-related work that was much more than the normal work load - do we need to qualify under substantially different or is this unrelated to the substantially different piece? I have been thinking this expense simply is an additional expenditure for added hours related to COVID and therefore does not need to meet the substantially different threshold. Correct?
what about technology
Melanie Trujillo
What about costs of renovation of a space, such as creating an isolation room for sick students....ie, the costs would be framing, paint, electrical, etc.
Meghan D
Like Extra duty just a flate amount
Galaxy S10+
PAtricia, how would you normally pay for extra duty pay?
Melanie Trujillo
also, we have questions on flooring. One chool would like to replace existing flooring with flooring that is easier to be cleaned, another wants to add new flooring as part of a renovation
John Pandolfo
Maintenance costs for additional (older) buses which were kept for "spares" but now must be utilized? Plus labor costs for hiring two additional bus driver/custodians?
Patricia Petrukitas
We do use extra duty pay also for additional duties that were related to Covid
Galaxy S10+
So sorry everyone for my technical issues, feel free to email me with any questions and this team will flesh them out and respond.
Zoom licenses? we have to sign up for an entire year. Are the 12 monthly payments CRF eligible or only the ones to December? Similarly, WiFi hotspots?
Galaxy S10+
Only those months concurrent with the CRF performance period.
Jeremiah Johnson
The "reasonable estimate" is incredibly helpful. I hope that this means that changes could occur to reported amounts especially since many districts are able to change or accrue expenses often up into August.
Greg Fieth
Can charters use the indirect/admin category?
Melanie Trujillo
the renovation guidance only includes furniture, equipment etc, not changes to the structure of the building
For CRF account codes the guidance says that we need to use the appropriate program and object/source codes with grant code 4012. Do we also need to use a location code and how detailed to the salary accounts used need to be? For example do we need to use job classification codes?
Patricia Reitwiesner
For sick leave or subs related to sick leave due to COVID -- what documentation is sufficient to document employee is out due to COVID-related? Will an attestation from employee be sufficient? Some may not have doctor's notes -- and I am also getting push back due to HIPAA concerns.
Jeremiah Johnson
Many school districts are considering starting school later and launching 100% remote. If a school district brings the teachers back one week early for intensive remote training, discussions on remote learning and covid 19 response, could the one week be covered by CRF?
Brandi S
Can you touch more on the charters- on the decision of allocation vs. reimbursement. Why is allocation the preferred method when it gives districts less control of reviewing charters' costs for allowability before giving them funding?
Steven Kaleda
I think we lost Jennifer, but I concur with you Adam