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Bridging Michigan: Katena Cain presents "Advancing Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion at Your Organization" - Shared screen with gallery view
Katie Wittenauer
That’s no problem, Joyanne! Because of our group’s size, it is a webinar-style set-up, so we’ll only be seeing Katena, and then Katena and Jen toward the end.
Katie W., Michigan Humanities
Julie, we’ll be sure to share the video link via email afterward and can ask Katena about sending along the slides too. Thank you for asking!
Katie W., Michigan Humanities
Thank you, Cynthia, for joining us!
Cindi Place
Demographics Now a MeL resource can also help with community demographics.
Katie W., Michigan Humanities
Thank you all for your excellent questions that you’ve been sharing! Jen will be posing as many as possible to Katena, and we will also be sharing the slides and a video of the event with everyone who registered. You’ll also be able to access it on our website.
Katie W., Michigan Humanities
Sharing a suggestion from an attendee: “Demographics Now a MeL resource can also help with community demographics.”
Katie W., Michigan Humanities
Another great suggestion from one of our attendees: U.S. Census can give data too for each state as compared to the US”
Katie W., Michigan Humanities
Please share your feedback with us via a quick survey! https://tinyurl.com/y6az7mfb
Katie W., Michigan Humanities
And, if you’d like to learn more about Michigan Humanities’ Bridging Michigan grant and program opportunities, visit https://www.michiganhumanities.org/bridging-michigan/.
Peggy Kitchel
Thank you!!