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Rozsa Foundation Event - Shared screen with speaker view
Lisa Mackay
Emily Pole (she/them)
Consistency with patrons is key
Simon Mallett (he/him) - Rozsa Foundation
Feel free to post questions here or in the Q&A!
Carlos Foggin
Is there a communications guide (or can we set up some kind of sharing bank between large and small venues/organizations) for small organizations without a dedicated communications team? Keeping on top of policy, Restrictions Exemptions Program, patron communications, etc - can easily take up an entire day for a small staff or a single ED.
Katie MacDonald (she/her)
That is a great idea and suggestion to share, Carlos. Calgary Foundation recently rolled out a members corner through the Community Knowledge Centre, where there is a space to utilize a discussion forum between other charities and non-profits. If you have a profile you have access to the discussion forum and resources, and we would be happy to support that as a place to host collaborative conversations and resource sharing.https://ckc.calgaryfoundation.org/member-login/https://ckc.calgaryfoundation.org/discussion-forums/
Katie MacDonald (she/her)
Lisa Mackay
Thank you so much Sara, Janet and Maya!
Sara Leishman (she/ her) Calgary Folk Music Festival
To suggest an answer to the question regarding staying on top of updates: Tourism Calgary and Chamber of Commerce do an excellent job of distilling changes restrictions as announcements are made. You can sign up for their newsletters and they typically send out a succinct update within hours.
Sara Leishman (she/ her) Calgary Folk Music Festival
Thank you all!