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Vaccines and Antimicrobial Resistance - Shared screen with speaker view
Ali Mafi
Hi Hanan. Good to see you after so long time. Ali Mafi
apt. Fitria Nur Hidayah S.Farm.
Hi all! i am Fitria from Jakarta, Indonesia. nice to e-meet with all of u. stay save all
Adeola Ayeni
Hi Everyone,I am Adeola Ayeni, Clinical Pharmacist (AMS/Infectious diseases) from Nigeria glad to be here.
Ibrahim Hassan
Hi all! I am Hassan from Pretoria, South Africa. Glad to be here.
Rohul Amin
Hi everyone , I am Rohul Amin registered veterinarian from Bangladesh. Nice to j see such an excellent program.
melda keçik
In addition to the IPC, stewardship, vaccine related interventions, I think the cultural and behavioral reasons of the irrational antibiotic usage should be investigated and necessary interventions should be developed. Thank your for organizing this webinar.
Ibrahim Hassan
The livestock industry uses substantial amount of antibiotic globally. I think it should also be given a top priority if we must reduce selective pressure from use
Liza Mitgang
Agree, how do we work closer with FAO and others to approach vaccination -- human and animals -- through a one health lens?
Rohul Amin
Trilateral collaboration among WHO, FAO& OIE can be a good approach to mitigate superbug development by rationale use of antibiotics in both human and animal.
Satyajit Sarkar
To generate greater traction and accelerate policy efforts in LMICs, through our RADAAR project we are developing a shift in the framing of NAPs --- (especially when countries are developing the second editions of their NAPs) as a progressive pathway to the concept of achieving and assuring ‘National Antimicrobial Security’, for themselves.Such a framing and shift in conceptualization of AMR and the corresponding response, will emphatically foreground equitable access, mitigate the tension of the ‘excess versus access’ dilemma, and at the same time acknowledge the need to conserve the efficacy of existing and future antimicrobials.The role of vaccines would be fundamental in such a conceptualization.
Satyajit Sarkar
It is often said that worldwide, LMICS are heavily relying on antimicrobials, to ensure medical, nutritional, and economic securityImprudent and large-scale use of antibiotics is compensating for the lack of universal access to clean water and sanitation.
Satyajit Sarkar
Would not effective vaccines, in a perverse way contribute to a cop-out by governments for NOT further investing in WASH?
Satyajit Sarkar
I am all for vaccines hough! DOn't get me wrong.
Ibukunoluwa Oyebade
What do we expect if someone with a mild or asymptomatic covid infection is vaccinated with the covid vaccine?
Satyajit Sarkar
The Cholera vaccine is a good example.
Dr. Mateusz Hasso-Agopsowicz
@Patrick we are conducting a pipeline landscape analysis for pathogens that are identified in the WHO pathogen priority list (lancet, 2018). For the estimation of value we are estimating the value of vaccines for 16 pathogens and we are conducting an expert opinion process for 14 pathogens.