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Remembering Mental Health Matter - Shared screen with speaker view
United Way Central NB
I was informed that Chipman Youth Centre was one of the few agencies that remained open during the shut down in your community. It just speaks volume as to the importance of your agency- and how broad reaching it is (beyond just the youth). Can you speak about the importance a youth centre plays in a small community?
United Way Central NB
*remained "open" even though staff were volunteering and the doors were closed.
Faith McFarland
Great to hear that informal/formal peer supports have evolved in CNIB community as a result of the pandemic. We all know that peer support is an important element of good mental health support and recovery. Do you think that these more accessible peer-based programs will continue even when all public health measures are lifted?
Faith McFarland
I am wondering if CHIMO could speak at all to how they navigated the increase call volume they experienced/experience?
Jennifer Hogan
I think that's a really interesting/important point - I find that peoples (especially seniors!) comfort level with accessing technology can be a barrier - so even if we're offering programs online AND financially supporting access to internet and a computer, it can be difficult to connect - it's certainly something I'm thinking about as we move through this unprecedented new time that we're in :)