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District Dialogue (25 &26) - Shared screen with speaker view
Becca A
Same here at cardinal!! The triple nickel house was bought for people with disabilities! It’s like no we can’t do activities at the 555 house. It’s been so frustrating!
Kelly Kirkpatrick - Rochester City Council/co-guardian)
Yes. The lack of staffing harms everyone - the workers and the vulnerable clients that are paying for services. Even before COVID, the staffing shortages prohibited extracurricular activities from being attended.
Becca A
Rent is so high in Rochester! We need more affordable rent!
Cari McCann
We need to focus on making this a professional wage career. The people we are serving deserve continuity in their life. DSP's are not recognized by the BLS (no code). Even our own MN DHS states that being a DSP is a great stepping stone towards becoming something else (i.e. nurse, peace officer, etc.). We would love to work ourselves out of a job by providing services that are meaningful, cost effective, and productive to those who are using them.
Kelly Kirkpatrick - Rochester City Council/co-guardian)
Retired RCTC professors suggest a 4-month certification course for Direct Support Professionals, but how do we motivate recent high school graduates to persue this career and only earn $14.95-15.10/hr? $18.95 is the living wage for a single person with no children in Olmsted County. https://livingwage.mit.edu/
Quam, Duane
If we allowed a blended option....(individual/group, or roommates/shared).... the flavor or specifics could be handled as a pre-approved plan worked at a county level so it is closer to the people receiving the care/services.
David Hancox, Accra
According to state data, the average wage for a PCA in Minnesota in 2020 was $12.38/hour. This is despite efforts by the legislature and others to establish higher minimum wage.
Cari McCann
A professional wage is now just above $17.00 per hour; per national statistics. There are credentialing programs that already exist, however those come with an additional expense which is too costly to many providers. Without a quality work force, services will suffer, and no matter what the services are they will not be able to be carried out with out quality workers.
Cari McCann
Without adequate services we will see an increase in hospitalizations, criminal convictions, etc. so we are just shifting money from one subset to another. I feel it would be very cost effective to provide adequate funding for HCBS. We also need to watch the limiting language on how people should/could qualify for services. The new language to qualify for a CRS is frightening.
Justin Beldo
I would be happy to assist with the drafting of a legislative intent bullet-list/framework. I did assist with some of these coming from Nevada.
Quam, Duane
Having options has to be part of the solution.
Rep. Liz Boldon (she/her)
I need to sign off, thank you so much for all your work and the great conversation this morning. I look forward to staying connected; rep.liz.boldon@house.mn
Kelly Kirkpatrick - Rochester City Council/co-guardian)
When protections or oversight are requested, Ombudsman from state DHS are supplied. Unfortunately, not having a separate agency to quantify and qualify services seems to not happen. Adjusting our regulations is key for necessary changes. Thank you!
Quam, Duane
The discussion has to be focused on solutions, we can talk for ever on the problems, we will not get where we need to be until we focus on solutions. Dollars are only good when they can be used for what is needed.
Cindy Ostrowski, HH
Housing for DSPs and Childcare for DSP is very important. Creative collaboration around childcare is needed.