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Investing at the Intersection of Diverse-Owned and Diverse-Targeted Media for Maximum Value Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Hispanic Marketing Council
Good afternoon, welcome! here is the link to the report: Link to the SBS report https://www.spanishbroadcasting.com/the-premium-content-investment-report-hispanic-owned-audio
Monica Narvaez
This report is very valuable for the industry, it helps demonstrate that diverse owned media like SBS is more culturally relevant to Latino consumers. Bravo, nice work Albert and Stacie!!!
Fany Morales
Is "audio" or "radio" regardless of platform, i.e. traditional radio you would listen to in your car vs streaming that station via an app like Spotify or iHeart?
Fany Morales
Is there a difference in reach for Latinos for Spanish-language vs English-language content on radio?
Marissa Daniela
Hola!! Are there any stats on using spanglish vs Spanish only for audio conversions?
Jose Neil Donis
I think Hispanic/Spanish audio but no radio is the one that is more effective. Spanish content in radio programs is poooor.
Carlton Njoku
Hi! I have an urgent hard stop at 2:30. Will this be deck and/or recording be shared to participants? Very good stuff 😁
Jose Neil Donis
I think more important than radio, print, tv or any other platform are the different media outlets that now can have audio, video and reading content. I disagree with what you are saying at least in my market. Radio is not doing so well.
Jose Neil Donis
And when it comes to trust, print media has more trust than radio.
Anita Grace
This is a great slide! True for all media.
Anita Grace
I think the general market has a hard time remembering this....
José Marrero
correcto, victor
Christian De La Cruz
If you have any questions or need assistance in SF. I am here to help . Christian De La Cruz _GM KRZZ- SF- SBS- cdelacruz@sbssanfrancisco.com
Hispanic Marketing Council
Thank you for joining us today! here is the link to the report again, we will share the recording and report on the HMC website. https://www.spanishbroadcasting.com/the-premium-content-investment-report-hispanic-owned-audio
Anita Grace
I'm going to use this in client pitches. Thanks for sharing the info and making it public.
Marissa Daniela
Thank you!!!! Muchísimas gracias a todos! Can’t wait to pitch this to our executives
Edgar Moya
Thank you, Stacie, Victor, and Albert...