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Fireside with FedTech: David Ijaz - Shared screen with speaker view
Amanda Stein
please put questions in the chat, we will transition in a moment to these questions.
Daniela Broderick
What kinds of startups do you see as with more potential for growth in the current environment? I am super-interested in edtech BTW
Daniela Broderick
Can you repeat the last 30 seconds?
Vignesh S
If you want to offer cookie-cutter solutions, say Digital Marketing & SEO Services what would you recommend? We are currently pricing subscription model + extra services (as needed). This is focused on Physicians & Medical clinics. www.TrillionNext.com
Daniela Broderick
Thank you
Joseph Wesley
How do you see solutions developed in the Covid crisis play into the post covid area?
Vignesh S
Neil Barmecha
Hi David, Thank you for your insights today. My name is Neil Barmecha, I am currently working as a Data Analyst at Aon as part of their Global Claims Operations team. In my role, I have to provide insights to senior stakeholders to facilitate strategic conversations with our business partners on their performance with our clients. Often they ask for information and data, but they are looking for a story that they can reference in their strategic discussions. How do I think creatively around these requests so I can provide a story and not just data and analysis?
Michael Simon
Pharma pricing continues to be a political topic, which has implications for drug development especially the prospects for private biotech startups. What "social contract" with the biotech industry would best balance the needs of affordable healthcare and innovation?
Michael Simon
David, talk about priority review vouchers and what opportunities they may create. Do you know much about the secondary market for PRVs?
Rose Ijaz
Thank you so much! Very informative and helpful!
Amanda Stein
Thank you, everything!
Neil Barmecha
Thank you very much David and Amanda for the session today!
Sandesh Subramanya
Thank you Amanda and David for this session! very useful.