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Successfully Navigating the Dual Demands of Business + Talent Growth and Diversification - Shared screen with speaker view
Isaac Lee
Good to see you Keith!
Juan J. Moreno
Can this presentation be emailed to the participants?
Janet Ady
Yes, and a recording of it will be available to MAEDC members on the members-only section of the website for a limited time after today's session.
Gerald Sagona
Excellent presentation. Thank you, and have a great day.
Juan J. Moreno
Thank you for the information and the presentation. Have a great day everyone.
Isaac Lee
Today, In Northeast Indiana, It was announced that our counties unemployment was at .9%. 5 of our 11 counties are ranked at the bottom of our states list, resulting in a region will very low availability. What are your thoughts about communities having to tackle the issue of True Full Employment?
Colleen Eddy
Thank you!!