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SDI Capstone Presentations - Shared screen with speaker view
Claudia Uribe
Evanston Scholars Program Team
Evanston Scholars Program Team
Here is the feedback form for our presenter. PLEASE MAKE A COPY OF THE FORM AND TITLE IT WITH THE PRESENTER’S NAME. Once you have written your feedback, please share with with me (asegal@evanstonscholars.org). I will combine all the feedback, anonymize and share with the presenter. Thank you. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-LY1Hyd-X-NMKqrYte1O1_beGL6MsAhDxgGURQ8AHX4/edit?usp=sharing
Miguel Hernandez
I live in Texas and my home is located in a flood zone, in many areas near my house are still flooded due to Hanna Hurricane. What are some ideas or changes that you can make in your environment to better your home or structure?
Carlos Rodriguez
how do we recognize a low emitting product? is their a citification or stamp for these building materials?
Evanston Scholars Program Team
Is it generally more or less expensive to build a LEED certified home? When you take into account tax credits?
Ingedia Sanchez
It was great hearing this presentation, he has understanding of the criterion and real world application