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Rabbi Yuhanan What to Do When Kids Fight - Shared screen with speaker view
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Question from someone on FB"At what age can you offer them advice and possible solutions"
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Another fb question: You can answer afterWhat if you treat all kids the same but they still find reasons to be jealousWhat is normal fighting?At what age is it no longer normal child fighting?
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what if the child doesn’t cooperate and very stubborn?
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But when r they getting the tools to learn that in life there needs to be real communication and not everything is gotten through hitting . Won’t that affect them with their friends and in their future as well they they learn that it’s ok to hit when angry and upset . Or kids have a filter that it’s only ok to beat up a sibling ?
I’m sorry, I don’t know if this was addressed. But if younger sibling really hurts an older sibling (intentionally), am I allowed to tell older sibling I’m not getting involved and they should hit them back?
What if the child curses at their sibling and even though the parent tells them to stop, they don’t stop? How does one prevent a child from cursing/saying bad words?
very good points- thank you!