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February 3rd 2021 Lunch Forum - Shared screen with speaker view
Britney Olsen - CERCC
Thanks for everyone that is joining us. Board Members in Attendance: Jennifer Castro - MEA, Dawn Hoxie - North Rim, Kelsie Sullivan (Emcee) - UAA, Catherine Katchur - MVFCU
Britney Olsen - CERCC
Main Presentation by Jennifer Castro and Josh Craft with MEA
Britney Olsen - CERCC
Board Members Linda Landers and Ruth Armstrong have also joined us, welcome
Britney Olsen - CERCC
If anyone would like to ask an anonymous question please private/direct message me and I will be happy to ask it!
Ruth Armstrong
What is the payback period?
Ruth Armstrong
How does MEA feel about nuclear power?
Britney Olsen - CERCC
Following MEA's presentation we will open up the forum for Member Announcements, updates, specials etc. happening in our community
Britney Olsen - CERCC
Direct Message Question: Are there any DC Fast Charging stations in the Matsu, Anchorage and most specifically in the Chugiak-Eagle River area? If not, is there anything in the works that is known?
Jacqueline Kenshalo
Great information. Thank you, MEA.
Britney Olsen - CERCC
Some people mistakenly believe that using electric vehicles allows them to separate themselves from using fossil fuels, but in Alaska a large percentage of the electricity we use is generated from fossil fuels. Has there been a comparison done in Alaska about the percentage decrease in fossil fuel usage when choosing electric over internal combustion vehicles?
Dawn Hoxie
I have to get off the call. thanks to MEA
Britney Olsen - CERCC
Jennifer and Josh would you please provide your contact information for our Members if there are any further questions
Josh Craft
Josh Craft, josh.craft@mea.coop
Britney Olsen - CERCC
Door Prizes: Ryan Estrada with ADN donated a Lexie's Café Gift Card - Winner is Annette Vrolyk, Jennifer Castro with MEA also donated a prize (Not sure what!) - Winner is Ruth Armstrong. I will contact you shortly via email! Thank you for the Door Prize donations Ryan and Jennifer!
Todd Smoldon (Gov. Office)
Thanks. Great presentation!