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ACG St. Louis November Breakfast Meeting featuring Aaron Telle, CEO of Telle Tire and Auto Centers - Shared screen with speaker view
Amy Ruebsam
To spotlight Aaron while he is speaking you can change your view on the top right corner of your screen to Speaker View.
Amy Ruebsam
You can post questions for Aaron in the chat.
Keith Wesselschmidt
We continue to see tire commercials on TV and other media. Have there been tire innovations in the last 20 years or is this just marketing?
Rene Morency, MBA/JD/LLM
Going back to 2009, as you jumped into the driver's seat, what did the succession plan look like for the business? How well did the business execute on that plan? How, if at all, did pulling out of the Great Recession effect that execution?
Ted Sengpiel
Thank you Keith & Rene...we will get to your questions shortly!
Allen Hauge
If you could go back to the day you took the helm at Telle, what advice would you give younger self?
Rene Morency, MBA/JD/LLM
You've described well your Telle Tire culture. How heavily do you weight cultural fit as you source targets?
Joe Catanzaro
Aaron, How do you instill the same sense of culture in your acquired locations?
Cristobal Gonzalez
How do you view the future of your business given the fast-growing EV market considering that they have less moving parts and therefore less labor required?
Ted Sengpiel
Thank you all for the questions. Cristobal...will get to your's soon.
Lynda Roth
Awesome presentation and story. Thanks
Tom Horlacher
Aaron - kudos, thx for sharing all. See you at eh shop on Bib Bend!