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Watts NC Board Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Kecia Boulware
The location of Cedar Grove is on a site that was formerly in County of LA and was annexed into the City of Los Angeles in 2016
Pamela Garrett - Watts Summer Festival
I have what I think is a budget question. Not sure whether it goes in chat or Q&A. I read that the WNC is/was responsible or the care and maintenance of Arvella Grigsby Place Pocket Park. And a local resident supplies the water. Wondering what is the status of that? Does WNC care for the park? If so is there a line item for it?
Clarence Lacy (he/him) - RIOS
Thank you for including us on the agenda to present on our progress on the new community space for Watts. In the interest of time we have been asked to return for a later meeting.There will be a community open house on 6/12 at Freedom Plaza from 1-3pm. Please join us, hear progress, and share your ideas!Visit our website at https://communityspaceforwatts.com/
Reynaldo Jose Barillas (He/His/Him)
Hire LA's Youth is offering virtual and in-person jobs for young people, between the ages of 14 and 24, who live in the City of Los Angeles, meet income requirement, have right to work, and / or have a work permit.Here is the Link https://www.wattsrising.org/jobs. Please email Zita Davis if you have
Reynaldo Jose Barillas (He/His/Him)
First Friday Business Meet-up this Friday at 10 AM this Friday. Great for anyone who is started their business or interested in starting a businessThis meet-up is going to be special because it will be in celebration of Mothers day and Mompreneurs [moms who are also entrepreneurs]. Will be having special guest speakers including Janine Watkins and Esperanza GeraldoLinks: https://www.wattsrising.org/stayrooted/businessShout out to Janine for being awesome and being on this panel
Reynaldo Jose Barillas (He/His/Him)
I believe UPI has some information how to have vaccines for Watts resients
Reynaldo Jose Barillas (He/His/Him)
Thank you Tamara!
Tenesha T
If anyone have any questions in regards to the budget please email me tenesha.taylor@wattshealth.org
Tenesha T
I agree Janine!!