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Inventory to Marketing: Raising Visibility for Underutilized Sites - Shared screen with speaker view
Claire Weston
Send questions here at any time!
Claire Weston
Learn more about our work in New Jersey here: https://www.cclr.org/sites/default/files/About%20CCLR_Services%20for%20Brownfield%20Communities%20in%20NJ-e.pdf
Claire Weston
Check out the Asset Inventory Checklist here!: https://www.cclr.org/sites/default/files/asset%20inventory%20sheet%20%281%29_0.pdf
Katherine Amidon
If you are dealing with multiple property owners how do you avoid building interest without those owners all of a sudden thinking their property is now a gold mine
Jean Hamerman
Please share any questions you would like to ask the speakers now!
Marc Miller
What best practices can you suggest for developer forums during the social distancing restrictions for COVID-19?
Katherine Amidon
@Marc Menti polling is a tool we have been using for live virtual input. It is one tool that can be helpful for your tool kit: https://www.mentimeter.com/
Steve Black
Good point Marc. We have not hosted a forum in the Covid era. Many states limits on gathering effectively prohibit. I suggest its a tool for 2021 when we can safely gather again. I think the discussion would be tough in a virtual setting.
Marc Miller
Thanks, Steveā€¦
Kamal Saleh
With sites that need some environmental cleanup needs, such as, Brownfield projects years ago developers avoided these project but more recently developers seem more comfortable in these type of projects as theu
Claire Weston
Check out Racer Trust's website to view some of their projects, resources and materials https://www.racertrust.org/
Kamal Saleh
Wasn't finished in my comment/question. But essentially do you think that Brownfield projects would take more of a hit due to their cleanup complexity in the current Covid environment.
Ralph Cooper
In New Jersey, is there a process for training Planning and Zoning Board members about Brownfields and planning for site development? - No mike, so I will listen for any feedback.
Kamal Saleh
In my County we've found considerable interest in all types of sites including Brownfield sites mainly due to our proximity to NYC and our three passenger rail lines and emphasis by state to promote transit village development.
Jean Hamerman
Ralph- contact me after this session. CCLR would be interested in working with you to do some training. We work in collaboration with NJDEP, NJEDA, NJ Office Of Planning Advocacy and US EPA.
rick shoyer
Can you expand on the key basics of the PPP's? What are they agreeing too, how easy for someone to back out?
Kamal Saleh
To answer Ralph Cooper, there is no direct educational module provided by NJPO in it's education program for new NJ planning/zoning board members. But asking NJPO to include Brownfield Development in their program could
Marc Miller
I need to sign off for another meeting, and I want to thank our presenters for this discussion. Well done!
Kamal Saleh
As I was an instructor in NJPO sessions a few years back to new board members I did mention it in relation to the County section I taught. But didn't spend too much time on it. Most of the time was spent on how County Planning boards were different than municipal boards.
Katherine Amidon
Thank you All
Kamal Saleh
Thank you for this session
Claire Weston
Thanks to all!