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Sexual Misconduct: From the Courtroom to the Novel - Shared screen with speaker view
Gretchen Carlson
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Karen J Orlin
How is non-consensual condom removal not fraud?
Justin Dillon
The way people talk about sexual assault, including tonight, tends to assume that we should always believe victims. But anyone who’s handled such cases on college campuses, as Dan and I both have, knows that false allegations are actually not uncommon. As former prosecutors who care deeply about due process, do you think fiction writers should grapple with this reality? Or should we just pretend all allegations are true?
Karen J Orlin
It remains as true today as it was 50 years ago that women in many professions still dominated by white men need mentorship of those men to succeed. After #Me Too, how do women regain the trust and confidence of white men to mentor them without fear of "misinterpretation" of their actions and words?