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Greater Fort Worth Area Club's Zoom Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Dr. La Tonya Woodson
Love my Fam!! Looking good Aunt Christene! My SHERO!! Awesome Uncle Frank!!
Mia Moss
Rochelle Harden
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Dr. Tina Jenkins
Awesome insight, Mr. and Mrs. Moss! You are truly an inspiration!
Dr. La Tonya Woodson
How do you balance advocacy for academic, psychological, and personal development needs of today’s youth (students) in your role as a Crowley ISD school board member?Thank you for how you worded the question. A lot of people don’t realize that the board’s only direct report is the superintendent. The superintendent has a vision and leads people and systems in all of the ways you mentioned for the success of all the students, faculty and staff. With that being said, and I’m only speaking for me, I do believe it’s important that we address the trio that you mentioned, academic, psychological and personal development needs. Our students, and I mean on a national basis, are dealing with a lot of the same topic areas as we did when we were in school, like peer pressure, academic struggles in certain disciplines, homework demands, family issues, social context issues, self-esteem issues and so forth. So, when you add in a 2 year pandemic, there are other types of issues, some being new types, that are compile
Dr. La Tonya Woodson
In education you are academically prepared to deal with a myriad of audiences. Did you ever think that you would have to interface with parents utilizing the same skills to get the outcomes needed?Parents have always been welcomed to engage with the school. In fact, student success is expontentially increased when parents are engaged with the school and with their child’s learning. So, that’s not new. At the end of the day, our focus and best interest is on the whole child. As a parent in the district that I serve, I’m careful to wear my “parent’s hat” when addressing any concerns I’ve had at the campus level. I make that very clear. So, I understand when parents want to address concerns. We may not always agree, but protocols are in place that address these matters.
Dr. Tina Jenkins
Thank you so much for your wonderful insight, Dr. Woodson!
Dr. La Tonya Woodson
You're very welcome!
Dr. La Tonya Woodson
I absolutely love Jill Darden!!
Christene Moss
Thank you for all of the positive comments.
Dr. Tina Jenkins
Absolutely, Ms. Darden! Negative narratives have to be plucked, and truth must be planted!
Dr Woodson Thank you for your time and sharing your nuggets and expertise with us today.
Dr. Gwen Morrison
I have enjoyed sharing this career session with the panelists and my club sisters.
Dr. Gwen Morrison
To all of our guests, thank you for joining.
Love you Dr Gwen Morrison.
Dr. Gwen Morrison
Thanks to all of the panelists for bring hope,inspiration and information:
Christene Moss
Thank you Jill for the great presentation. Have your son written another boy?
Thank you Gill so good to hear from you. Kim enjoy!
VSE Ministries
Wow good analogies!
Solonya McKinney-Smith
Valuable information!Highly impressive!
Dr. Tina Jenkins
Awesome pearls of wisdom, Dr. Duncan! Yes, richer soil - love that!
Dr. La Tonya Woodson
"Opportunity to help others...that is what is important." Beautiful Dr. Duncan!
Rochelle Harden
Job Well Done Panelists - Each of you have provided some seeds of inspiration.
VSE Ministries
Yes! Yes! YES! Some plant, some pluck, some water and then God gives the increase! He has blessed us today with these local heroes and we are grateful he planted them here where we could stand on their shoulders and reach for the stars!
Dr. Tina Jenkins
Question for Ms. Christene & Frank Moss: What motivated you or caused you to become entrepreneurs (during and after your tremendous community stewardship work). What advice would you give to a person wanting to start their own business that may lack resources or mentors?
Dr. Gwen Morrison
Wonderful panelists.Thanks to all as we celebrate leadership.Frank Moss ,Sr. One of living founders of the Tarrant County Black Historical snd Genealogical Society, which just celebrated 45 years;Frank is an accomplished talent who was accepted to the Juilliard School of Music. He has done so much in our community.
Dr. Tina Jenkins
Thank you Club Sister Lesheka Mayberry-Burton! You did an awesome job as our Mistress of Ceremony! Grateful for all of my Club Sisters, participants here today and amazing panelists!
Dee Moore
Greetings from Central West Texas Club. This was a great program with fantastic speakers and information. Enjoyed very much!!
Dr. Gwen Morrison
Thanks to the committed. Great job!
Christene Moss
Thank you from Frank and I.
Karen Shields
Great presentations. Thank you for the invite Dr Morrison. Blessings
Thank you! Very inspirational conversations. Well done all!