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HVS Town Hall Health Check - Shared screen with speaker view
Marilyn's iPhone8
if a parent does not give permission, then the whole team quarantines?
James's iPhone
there had been some reports of heart issues by athletes after getting COVID. can you comment on that?
Marilyn's iPhone8
any thoughts on ekgs as part of post COVID protocol. myocarditis is rare but not unheard of.
Trey Knox
Are certain blood types more vulnerable to becoming infected?
Stephenie Boykin
Is the HVS policy posted on your website to review later?
Ajay Patel
could you discuss further how you avoid shutting entire team down when coach or player tests positive?
Stephenie Boykin
I see that this video is being recorded. Will it be on the HVS website for reviewing?
Stephenie Boykin
most of the players have 10-15minutes of direct contact without socially distancing and masks. So will it be possible not to quarantine the team?