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League of Independent Voters Presents: The Big Freeze: We Shall Not Forget - Shared screen with speaker view
Linda Curtis
Paul’s website is at: EnvironmentalDirectory.Info — go to the clean energy section.
Bill Crosier
Thanks to all the panelists. I realize there's always a lot of resistance to reform, but it seems it's time to merge the RR commission and the PUC into a new utility commission.
Bill Crosier
Merging them might at least reduce finger-pointing and failure to take responsibility for reforms
Linda Curtis
I love it when the business people agree with the enviros/consumer advocates. :(
Linda Curtis
I meant :)
Linda Curtis
From Charles Petrie: If some homes had had at least 2 hour off-grid capabilities, would that have helped the grid? How many distributed how? Why don't solar rebates apply to off-grid equipment?
Linda Curtis
The issue with electing people to these commissions is there are no restrictions on who can give and what these people can do before or after their on these commissions.
Linda Curtis
Remember you’re on tape! :)
Linda Curtis
The bill to stop Commissioners from buying a seat was killed and the rep who put it forth got spanked by Abbott.
Linda Curtis
Catherine, are you asking about the report that Bill referenced or Paul?
Linda Curtis
We will get that for you or you can also email Paul at: paul_robbins@greenbuilder.com
Linda Curtis
I say we get all three panelists and Brendon on the Commission we want to see. If they don’t do it, maybe we should!
Virginia Palacios
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Linda Curtis
From Alan Montemayor, posted in the Q&A section: Nuclear is not cost effective in relation to wind/solar and new NG plants. Also, the waste disposal problem has not been solved for nuclear and may well create opportunities for terrorism and dirty bombs. Even the new proposed mini-nukes won't talk about the waste disposal problem. What new sources seem economically and environmentally viable? Will economically viable grid-scale energy storage solve most of these problems?
Shane Cawood
www,txfeb.com offers a good, simple means to reach out to your Senator & Representative by email and phone - with a script that you can modify (by adding your impact story as well if you wish, for example).
Linda Curtis
Yes, everyone, we now have the TxFEB.com site linked to an action page at LIV: LIVTexas.org — then press the “Big Freeze” menu item: LIVTexas.org/big-freeze. I”m going to give you a 1.5 minute pitch in a second.