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UKRAINE & NUCLEAR WEAPONS: FINDING A WAY FORWARD - Shared screen with speaker view
Shane Snowdon
Thank you, Martin! For more from PSR National: psr.org
Peter Wilk | PSR & Back from the Brink
Please feel free to formulate questions for presenters in the chat, as questions occur to you
Martin Fleck
Here is the Avaaz Nobel Peace Laureates petition I spoke of ~ 1 mil, 1,063,000 signatures so far https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/no_nuclear_war_loc/
Kathryn Bourgoin,MD
Do you think Putin will stop with the Donbas and a corridor to Crimea, (including the water supply to Crimea)? Or will he continue taking over Ukraine?
Shane Snowdon
Great references from Martin: Martinmfleck@psr.orgJasminejowens@psr.orgA running list of relevant Ukraine news stories, op-eds, etc.www.psr.org/ukrainemediaFederation of American Scientists, Nuclear Notebookhttps://fas.org/issues/nuclear-weapons/nuclear-notebook/American Pyschological Assn pollhttps://www.apa.org/news/press/releases/2022/03/inflation-war-stresswhat can citizens do? Avaaz petitionhttps://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/no_nuclear_war_loc/Back from the Brinkwww.preventnuclearwar.org
Shane Snowdon
Thank you, Ken! And here's the VFP link: veteransforpeace.org
Ken Mayers
The VFP Nuclear Posture Review can be downloaded at tiny url.com/vfp-npr2
Jasmine Owens, PSR Natl
Kathryn Bourgoin,MD
Why is the PSR campaign called "Demand Access"?
Shane Snowdon
Thank you, Jasmine! That’s jowens@psr.org!
Martin Fleck
We Demand [equitable] Access to resources that we desperately need that are currently being shoveled into military spending which mostly lines the pockets of giant military contractors
Martin Fleck
Young health professionals have expressed to PSR that a "hot button" issue for them is that Americans do NOT have equitable access to public health and health care. Hence we "demand access" where it is currently denied.
Daniel Oppenheim
Please address the argument that the fact that both Russia and NATO both have nuclear weapons is an example that "deterrence" works in that we have not amplified our involvement in Ukraine.