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Back to Work: Navigating the New Normal presented by Michael J. Torchia Esq. - Shared screen with speaker view
Steve Goldblum
Please feel free to post questions here, and they will be addressed at the end of the presentation.
Michael Molder
Regarding PPP, there is a bill pending in the Senate to make PPP covered expenses deductible despite the forgiven debt
Eric Green
When counting the number of employees post PPP for loan repayment purposes, do you count the employees that you have said that we cannot make come back to work? So If I had 10 employees in the pre PPP period but one doesn't comeback because they have covid-19, then do I have to hire a temp to get back to 10 to avoid loan repayment?
What is age of child for FMLA?
Jeff Sammak
July 31 is the current end of the PUC $600 program, correct?
Robert Elefante
What can we do if employees refuse to comply with safety rules on worksite: Don't want to wear mask, etc.
Ted Harris
Company laid employees off in mid-March. Employees filed for state and federal UC at that point.Company received their PPP loan on April 10. Brought the employees back onto payroll at that point.If the employees remain on payroll until June 5 (8 weeks). Can they go back to collecting state and federal UC for 3 weeks and then come back onto payroll before June 30 in order to not have any loan forgiveness issues?
Candace Mclaine
Are we (the employer) approving the type of masks people are using? If someone wishes to wear a scarf instead of mask? Testing... What's your thoughts on testing daily?
Candace Mclaine
What is an employee refuses to come back to work due to public transportation being their only means of getting to work?
Elizabeth David
If an employee has tested positive, can employer require a negative test result before employee is allowed to return to work?
Candace Mclaine
What good is temperature taking if people are asymptomatic? Have you heard of alternatives?
Brenda Flock
What about paying FFCRA to a home health aide if you then have to pay a replacement? It may be financially impossible.
Lynn Rosenstock
Thank you! Excellent presentation as always.
Ted Harris
Thank you
Elin Salinger
thank you!!!!!
Candace Mclaine
Thank you
Joseph Winning
Thank you