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RWNZ Summit Series - Health - Midwifery - Shared screen with speaker view
Alison Eddy
Kia ora Catherine!
Alison Eddy
1. Advocacy for retention of and appropriate location and funding for primary maternity units. 2. Advocacy for better rural access to diagnostic services such as ultrasound and lab tests 3. Increased visibility of rural midwifery services by 'encouraging' DHBs to take responsibility for rural maternity services, which are an essential primary health care service. There is a tendency for DHBs to take a siloed approach and not include rural midwifery or maternity services in their wider health service planning
Alison Eddy
4. And an updated funding model for primary midwifery services which accommodates rurality
Alison Eddy
5. Bonding / financial support for rural women to become rural midwives
Alison Eddy
The scope of activity which occurs within a rural primary maternity unit is far greater than the scope of activity that occurs in an urban primary maternity unit and the funding model doesn't accommodate this well.
Alison Eddy
Cost for co-location with general practice can be a barrier as the rental can be beyond what rural midwives can afford
Marcia Paurini
Is there a directory of rural midwives so we can connect?
Alison Eddy
There is a website findyourmidwife.co.nz which where midwives can choose to list each their services, and there are filters (including by locality) which would enable you to narrow down the midwives by locality
Alison Eddy
www.midwife.org.nz College of Midwives website which has our regional chairperson contact details, who can connect you to rural midwives locally
Alison Eddy
The move to virtual care over Covid has had some advantages for rural women - this could be retained and reduce some of the access barriers for these services in rural communities
Alison Eddy
Thanks for the opportunity and for your support RWNZ!