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April Face the Chamber Featuring Candidates for Lincoln City Council - Shared screen with speaker view
Todd Wiltgen
In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge facing Lincoln over the next four years and what are your plans to address it?
Todd Wiltgen
In an effort to capitalize on growth opportunities in the booming youth sports sector, community leaders have pursued the development of a baseball/softball multi-plex associated within the Sports Triangle near Haymarket Park. As a member of the City Council, would you be an advocate for such an initiative?
Todd Wiltgen
The council recently adopted Lincoln's Affordable Housing Coordinated Action Plan laying out a vision for strategies to increase the volume of affordable and attainable housing in Lincoln. The Lincoln Chamber recognizes affordable housing is one of the most important components to attracting and retaining a diverse workforce. A lack of affordable housing is becoming a significant barrier to increased entrepreneurship and economic development in our community. Which of the strategies contained in the plan are most appealing to you, and how would you work to make housing costs more affordable in Lincoln?
Todd Wiltgen
The Lincoln Chamber actively supports local initiatives designed to facilitate the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development Plan and fulfill Lincoln's Economic Development goals. We strongly believe job growth and business expansion are critical components of a vibrant community. What are your economic and work-force development priorities?
Todd Wiltgen
The Chamber continues looking for ways to lessen the gap between the current revenues available for infrastructure and the current list of needs. This includes working to provide an additional level of oversight, collaboration and advocacy regarding infrastructure investments. The Citizen's Transportation Coalition identified the funding gap for roads and ways to close it. Douglas and Sarpy Counties utilized Sanitary and Improvement Districts (SIDs) to facilitate growth in their communities. What is your position on utilizing SIDs to finance infrastructure to facilitate growth around the edges of Lincoln? Are you supportive of adopting Douglas and Sarpy Counties' model, working collaboratively to create our own Lincoln SID model, or is use of any financing structure similar to SIDs a non-starter for you?
Todd Wiltgen
What neighborhood do you live in? Why? Where is your favorite places to spend your time in Lincoln?