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NACCA Webinar Series - Episode Four - Agriculture - Shared screen with speaker view
André Jetté
Welcome everyone to NACCA's fourth webinar in our series. This evening we will focus on agriculture. Comments can be posted here and questions can be posted using the Q&A function. Hope you all enjoy the webinar and take something away, even if you are not in the ag industry.
Magnolia Perron
You can find your local Aboriginal Financial Institution (AFI) here: https://nacca.ca/aboriginal-financial-institutions/
André Jetté
The CAHRC website is www.cahrc-ccrha.ca and I can be reached directly at jwright@cahrc-ccrha.ca. The AgriHR Toolkit link is https://hrtoolkit.cahrc-ccrha.ca/my-account/?password-reset=true
Dora Demers
thank you for another awesome webinar.
Tammy Beauvais
Thank you Everyone! This was a great presentation!
Jennifer Wright
It was great to be part of this. Thank you for having me. Please feel free to connect with me at jwright@cahrc-ccrha.ca