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April Regional Network Meeting (Day 2) - Shared screen with speaker view
Meghan D
Forgive me if this is a stupid question, this is not my lane! If induction is required, then should a Charter school not use their portion of Title II for induction services (if they don't participate in the Districts induction)?
Meghan D
Got it, so they need to show it's above and beyond (supplementary) when using Title II
Meghan D
Sam Cox
Jeremy, are we required to allocate Title II funding to all schools in our district, including Charter’s, or can we determine needs and allocate accordingly?
Jeremy Meredith
Good question Sam. Title II funds should be driven by your Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) at each school, and the district overall. There's no requirement to serve all schools. In addition, LEAs are asked to prioritize Title II funds for schools with the highest levels of poverty *and* identified as CS/TS under ESSA (what Barb is talking through right now).
Sam Cox
Thank you!
Sam Cox
We transfer funds from Title IV to II specifically for our CS/TS schools. Is there a limit how much we can transfer to that fund?
Jeremy Meredith
The scenarios Barb is talking through are viewable within the 20-21 Consolidated Application, to support understanding of various ways prioritization can work.
Tammy Giessinger
Hi, Sam! There is not a limit on how much of your Title IV funds you can transfer.
Sam Cox
Kristen Collins
For additional context, there are no limits on any transfer or AUFA amounts. Keep in mind that if you transfer funds they do take on the requirements and identity of the program they are transferred into, ex. if you transfer II to I and your allocation is now greater than $500k, you will be required to set-aside a minimum of 1% for family engagement activities
Karen Rodberg
Joey Willett
Hi guys, just shared a list of current Neglected and Delinquent facilities. Thanks, Alan!!