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West Health Webinar Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Amy Stuck
Welcome Everyone. Please chat any questions or comments you may have
Amy Stuck
The work we're sharing is from a collaboration with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement- our wonderful partners in developing these home-based acute care models. Welcome IHI colleagues!
Mary Deane
Thanks, Amy :)
Amy Stuck
This graphic was built on the results of our collaboration. from Sept 2019-Sept 2020
Amy Stuck
We had 12 teams participating to achieve that top line Medicare savings of 8m
Debbie Lull
Was the 2-hour response time mandated by a regulatory body or defined by your own organization?
Anthony Wylie
To the UnityPoint folks: Back a few slides...In looking at admission aversions, when we say "would have been admitted" are we saying met medicare inpatient criteria specifically as part of this verification process or was it subjective determination?
Omar Fernandez
What's the difference between hospital at home and acute hospital at home?
Andrea Harding
For your programs - do they only include home visits OR do they include a combination of home-visits and telephonic? If it is a combination, is it the same team that does this hybrid model or do you defer the telephone calls to a different team?
patricia ryan
Could you please show the slide again of: Know, Do Share?
Amy Stuck
If you'd like a copy of the slides or the link to the recording, you can email me at arstuck@westhealth.org
Debbie Lull
What diagnoses do you treat in the Acute hospital care at home model?
Anthony Wylie
What types of remote patient monitoring does UnityPoint utilize? 24-hr? Planned or spot check?
Kendell Cannon, MD
What types of Rescue Packs do you currently have? How did you define which diseases to create packs for?
Debbie Lull
How can we join the IHI learning action groups that you mentioned?
Jane Carmody
Thanks !!!