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KE 'n' Coffee - Royal Society report on PSREs - Gallery view
David Brownlee - HSC Innovations
There used to be annual surveys
Rupert Osborn
Research Council Institutes have their own KEC frameworks with BBSRC and have to report HEFCE type data each year.
David Brownlee - HSC Innovations
"PSREs and other publicly funded research institutesPublic sector research establishments (PSREs) and other publicly funded institutes – including UKRI-funded institutes and institutes funded by the devolved administrations, are a diverse collection of bodies carrying out research. This research supports government objectives, including informing policy-making, statutory and regulatory functions and providing a national strategic resource in key areas of research. They can also provide emergency response services. They interact with businesses around a wide array of innovation-related functions. We want to get the most value out of the whole range of PSREs and publicly funded institutes, laboratories and campuses.The current PSRE and institute landscape is complex. There is an opportunity to raise awareness and support development of strategic national laboratory capability, develop closer relationships across the network of PSREs and institutes to address cross-cutting priorities and develop more .....
David Brownlee - HSC Innovations
consistent and co-ordinated, accessible funding for PSREs. Most programmes do not include funding for the full costs of overheads – this sometimes prevents our national laboratories from participating in UK government priority programmes without making a loss. A more flexible approach and funding a higher proportion of the economic costs would increase spending efficiency and encourage more effective investments and maximise their benefits.Building on the 2019 Science Capability Review, we will:•champion the development of a truly strategic, national laboratory capability and identify opportunities to strengthen their capabilities and ability to collaborate, especially with the private sector, devolved administrations and local civic authorities•work to understand current capacity and capability, including spare capability, and to ensure that national labs, PSREs and other publicly funded institutes are working together as part of business as usual rather than only in times of crisis•explore the potentia
David Brownlee - HSC Innovations
Dan King (Research Consulting Ltd)
With people movement being one of the greatest enablers of KE, I wonder how much movement of KE practitioners exists between university and these various ROs? From the university end I saw relatively little movement into the university KE team from these.
Barry Timmins
with a parochial view, we have joint appointments across the university and NPL
Dan King (Research Consulting Ltd)
Great point from Tony, and a real opportunity for PraxisAuril
Claire Walsh
Really interesting points Rupert and Tony, thanks
Isobel Ashford, Loughborough University
Thanks - useful as ever
Mel Burton @Lancaster University
Thank you!