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Rosh Hashanah - Shared screen with speaker view
Anna Barber
Hi Marcie, during the Feast of Rosh Hashana do you seek forgiveness with all people in your life- or just those from your faith tradition ?
CBF SEA Meeting
I just want to say thank you very much for the clarity of the explanation. Its my first time to be here and I'm glad to have attended this lecture of Maam Mercie Lenk. Thank you very much.
iPad de Salvador Lazcano Díaz del Castillon
Thank you very much from Guadalajara, México.
Nicole Dudman
Thank you Marcie. Another interesting session. Looking forward to next week. Good night from Country Victoria, in Australia.
Celia Martin
Thanks Marcie and Marge
Sr. Maria Fe Magbanua, SSS
Thanks for this sharing. I like your new perspective on laughter!