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West Coast Bioenergy Guild - Special Guest: Michael Wolinetz - Shared screen with speaker view
Ralohn Hunt
You can find the National Hydrogen Strategy here: https://www.nrcan.gc.ca/changements-climatiques/hydrogen-strategy/23080
Ashley Callister
Welcome everyone! Thank you for attending our last Guild of 2020. Please adjust your chat setting to "All Panelists and Attendees" to introduce yourself, and let us know where you are tuning in from. To ask a question, please use the Q&A function.
Ralohn Hunt
For the Q & A, please write your question in the Q & A function. Alternatively, if you would like to ask a question verbally, indicate in the chat and I will unmute you.
Ashley Callister
Thank you Doug!
Scott Stanners
Yes Eustina, the presentation will be available at www.bcbioenergy.ca in the near future
Ian Thomson
From discussion with biofuel traders and producers we know that markets with a strong and durable CI monetization do attract the lower-CI fuels, but that producers do invest in CI reductions based on CI value. So agree with Michael’s assessment…
Victor Rizov
What can other provinces do to make their data more accessible? What is BC doing specifically that makes it the gold standard? Do you see other provinces moving to these kinds of measures in the short-term?
Ashley Callister
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Chris Krasowski
Thanks for this great webinar BCBN and Michael - well done all. Take good care everyone :)
Ian Thomson
Thanks BCBN!