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ISRAELI PALESTINIAN PEACE SIMULATION - Shared screen with speaker view
Sharon Peress
Can someone put an email address for May Pundak here? I may want to contact her. Thanks.
meron rapoport
Judith Polson
Separate but equal. Is not equal
meron rapoport
Judith Polson
How about an apology along with the recognition? How about an appreciation for the culture and the language? How about reparations? A long way to go before equality and justice.
Judith Polson
Hope has always been thwarted by lack of equal treatment
Judith Polson
Palestians in Gaza and 48 would have no political power
Judith Polson
The whole government should be a government of power sharing.
meron rapoport
Reparations is part of the proposal. Also equal status to Arabic and Hebrew. As for apology, I think it's a long process, we have to start from dismantling all form of Israeli supremacy and occupation and then move to apology
meron rapoport
Gaza is part of the Palestinian state. 48 Palestinians will maintain their Israeli citizenship and will enjoy "equal representation,the revocation of discriminatory laws and systems, equitable allocationof resources, equitable access to land, planning and development, thelegal resolution of construction including legal recognition for Bedouincommunities in the Negev. Palestinian minority in Israel should have selfgovernance in various fields, and Arabic should be restored as an officiallanguage".(quotes from our text)
סוזן בל
Sorry, I have to leave. I thought this zoom would start and hour earlier. I'm in Israel and have another meeting now. Good luck to us all.
Giacomo Valentini
Belgium is a great model of a sophisticated institutional solution to the problem of two nations living on shared land
Giacomo Valentini
Belgium has two federations: a political one, and a completely separate cultural one
meron rapoport
Belgium is a good example, and the EU is also a good one
Nancy Delaney
You bring to mind the Haudenosaunee the Confederacy of the Iroquois peoples. I believe you can find historically how five nations later a sixth, who had been enemies and were joined together by their Peacemaker created a confederacy under guidelines of the Great Law of Peace into a council made up of 50 men chosen by grandmothers and allowed to be voted on their reliability by everyone even the children who see at a personal level how they have acted in community then if voted by all becomes for life except if sheds blood of any or disrespects a woman then they are out and it is as if they never existed. I have a taped recording of Audrey Shenandoah describing this process she was a Wolf clan grandmother who was part of this process. After he is elected the grandmother continues to oversees his choices to make sure he is thinking of the well being of the people for seven generations. My address is nancyfosterchild@yahoo.com.
Samir Twair
I have a comment to make!
Josef Avesar
I know Israeli Palestinian who have chosen to live in Beit Jalla and Ramallah
David Mandel
Are Palestinians equally represented in your organization -- and I mean in numbers of active members, not constructed leadership? And are they mostly from '48 or the occupied territories?
Sharon Peress
Shalom. Could I have an email address please also for Walid Abu-Tayeh? Or give him mine: Sharon Peress 052-4656953 sharonperess53@gmail.com
Sharon Peress
I have to leave, my apologies. This was extremely interesting. My great thanks to May Pundak who seems to have a very strong grasp on the many issues. Thank you also to the organizers of this zoom. We in Women Wage Peace also have a certain vision for peace here, you can all look us up on the Internet. We have a sister movement in the West Bank now called Women of the Sun.
I would like to point out that Palestinians are also Simaits and they are suffering in Europe
Shlomo Orr
sorry, I need to leave now. Thank you all very much.
may be we should remember that
Libby Traubman
Thanks May and Meron for your important work