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MDAT Town Hall: COVID Chronic Stress Syndrome - Shared screen with speaker view
Deb Bartel
Underlying conditions - it seems like so many of those who've died in Oregon from COVID have them so is it possible to see stats showing with/without underlying conditions? I know dead is dead but I hear people saying "i'm healthy I don't have to worry about it" and it frustrates me when I can't really respond with facts.
Holli Kivett
We have had people come in with Vented masks, do you have much information about if these work? Our physicians were wanting us to say no to those.
Holli Kivett
You can replicate SOME of it, but having a hug and physical touch sometime is needed mroe
Holli Kivett
It would be nice to have a listing of those that are willing to do Tele behavioral health.
Char Hall
thank you
Holli Kivett
thank you again everyone for all the great information! And Jill for running this as usual!
Amy Fine
Thank you for all the great information.