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What Next? Brighton & Hove Zoom Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Actors of Dionysus
Sorry running late today!
Louise Blackwell (she/her)
What Next Gulbenkian meeting: Thurs 22nd July from 10am - 12 noon. What Next national have asked that you sign up to the event via this link to confirm your attendance. Thanks.https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-civic-role-of-the-art-organisations-in-brighton-what-happens-next-tickets-158457758421?aff=odeimcmailchimp&mc_cid=5ba595d2ad&mc_eid=26a0256025
Louise Blackwell (she/her)
Donations to What Next https://www.whatnextculture.co.uk/donate/
Marina Norris
Co-creating Change event on the 16th https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/south-east-co-creating-change-network-meeting-tickets-160944638747
Marina Norris
If you are interested in attending Disability Awareness Training by Attitude is Everything. Tanya Ashdown at The Old Market is keen to organise this. £50plus VAT per person.
Marina Norris
Tanya’s email is tanya@theoldmarket.com
Louise Blackwell (she/her)
Arts Council CRF3 guidance for Emergency Response https://www.artscouncil.org.uk/CRFgrants
Anna Moulson
Great event and coming together of the cities venues x
Faynia Williams
This is all so important to hear. Brava! The arts have been the HEART & THE SOUL that people needed to come through this
Mill Goble
Just want to add about the Fringe date shift and how much of a difference that really makes for both local staff and audiences. It’s great for casual workers/freelancers that they can work in jobs for both Festival and Fringe so they have twice as much work as in previous years, and it’s easier for venues to find staff too. For audiences as well, it’s so much easier to see more things when you don’t have as many scheduling conflicts between so many events! It’s been a great couple of months and a fantastic kickstart for the industry overall. :)
Anna Cullum
Thanks so much, that's been a heartening and fascinating session - sorry, but I have to leave now. Anna
Tamsin Shasha
I agree with Mill - I think a June Fringe has more potential.
Polly Gifford
There are some new articles and opportunities on the Culture in Our City website - https://cultureinourcity.com/news-insight/. There will be some exciting announcements from the ABCD working group at the end of the month, so do sign up to the Culture in Our City newsletter to hear find out more.
Mill Goble
Digital obviously works great for events like this as well, and I hope these events keep continuing as it’s such a great way to regularly connect with the arts community and local developments
Lesley Wood
Thanks for this session and for everyone’s honest and generous insights.
Lisa Wolfe
we need to be aware that people with disabilities are far more nervous about attending venues. let’s make sure we don’t go backwards in terms of access and inclusivity.
Siobhán Nicholas
Thank you so much for this session and for the honesty and candid sharing from the speakers. Lots to think about as our little company develops a new piece which is to be blended...digital digital... Lots to learn for us all
Tamsin Shasha
Thank you so much Beth and Julian, really good to hear you speak. So important to get the work out there. Thank you!
Lisa Wolfe
thanks everyone
Lisa Wolfe
thanks all x
Anna Moulson
Thanks all really positive
Mill Goble
Thanks so much everyone, look forward to the next events!
pearl makayi
Thank you very interesting